If one of the biggest obstacles to the development of bring your own device (BYOD) strategies is information security, then AvePoint’s Perimeter release today should go a long way to reassuring SharePoint-centric enterprises that BYOD is a safe bet.

With the release of Perimeter, AvePoint is offering enterprises a way of establishing governance and security policies that will enable them offer workers remote access to SharePoint content repositories, regardless where they are working.

While the jury is still out on BYOD, with some companies going so far as to prohibit the random use of employees’ device of choice, more firms seem interested in implementing BYOD strategies with effective security.

AvePoint Perimeter

AvePoint, which has been managing data governance for SharePoint since 2001, has clearly seen an opportunity here, especially given the use of SharePoint as enterprise CMS in many enterprises. The result is Perimeter.

Perimeter uses a centralized management system to set up and create governance policies for remote and mobile access to secure enterprise content located behind the firewall through a single console.

The result is an application that enables users to monitor and control access to SharePoint content wherever it resides. It also comes with a filter that can be applied across environments that have not been registered by the enterprise IT department.

AvePoint Perimeter.jpg

AvePoint Perimeter

The filter can be tweaked to take into account web browsers, device types, locations and authentication systems. As a result, using traditional 2-Factor Authentication (2FA), existing device authentication security systems and location-based controls, AvePoint Perimeter provides secure remote access to SharePoint.

Needless to say, with Perimeter, AvePoint is offering its entire range of governance and compliance capabilities to secure data. However, there are a few capabilities that should be noted in terms of enterprises and BYOD strategies. With Perimeter, administrators can:

  • Implement multi-layered authentication to remote SharePoint access
  • Protect against accidental data breaches by wiping data from insecure devices remotely
  • Prevent unauthorized devices from accessing SharePoint environments
  • Provide continuous monitoring of user activity and device details
  • Prevent unauthorized access to SharePoint by unknown applications

The new Perimeter application supports both SharePoint 2010 and 2013 and can be accessed through both IE and Google Chrome. The initial release, available today, supports iOS. But the Android version is on the way.