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Blogtronix (news, site), creator of the Blogtronix Enterprise Collaboration Suite and Sharetronix, has announced a shift in its pricing strategy, which should be beneficial to enterprise clients. Blogtronix is introducing perpetual licenses for the full suite and a price slash for its SaaS offering.

Perpetual Licenses, Half-Price Offer

Blogtronix has redesigned its pricing scheme to accommodate perpetual licenses. For a minimum of 50 users, enterprises can start at a price of $72 per user for perpetual use of the Blogtronix Enterprise Collaboration suite. Meanwhile, smaller-scale users can avail themselves of Blogtronix' SaaS offer at $1 per user per month, which is half the previous price.

Blogtronix CEO Vassil Mladjov says the new pricing scheme is designed to encourage enterprises to get started with social collaboration without the high costs often associated with software acquisition. And because Blogtronix publishes its standard rates outright, the company feels it is giving potential customers a benefit by being transparent with pricing.

Many large companies want to get social, but the risk is too high given questionable adoption rates and the multi-million dollar price tags quoted by vendors in our industry. Our new approach gives the customer a great price and the ability to totally control the software and its implementation right away."

Peace of Mind with License Ownership

Blogtronix believes in giving users peace of mind by essentially owning the software that they are using, which is the idea of the perpetual license. Perpetual licenses come with a one-year subscription to upgrades and updates, as well as customer support. Large companies with bulk licensing requirements can get the perpetual license at a discounted price.

The Blogtronix Enterprise Collaboration Suite is targeted toward enterprise users who need to set up an internal social network, with microblogging, user profiles, social activity tracking, blogging, video blogging, document management, wiki-based collaboration, email notifications and more. The system also includes API support for extensibility and future support from other third-party software.

Blogtronix Enterprise can be run either from an on-premise setup, through an SaaS setup or through any cloud deployment. This provides enterprises the flexibility to host their data wherever they deem suitable, and whichever is the most cost-effective for an enterprise. Giving users the ability to run Blogtronix via the cloud also ensures scalability, as users can start from a small installation and add resources as the organization increase in size.