Simplifies Enterprise Security with 3 New Features
The further moves into the Enterprise, the greater the need for better security and management features. Today the company aims to give its users just that with the release of three new security adds for business users. 

Smart Shared Links

Smart Shared Links enables users to restrict access to linked files or folders. For example, you can grab and share a link that only colleagues within a company domain can access, or collaborators within a specific folder. As per usual with Box, the controls are pretty straightforward:


"Sharing is absolutely core to what we do here at Box, and workers increasingly need to share securely with parties outside their business: vendors, partners, customers, etc.," wrote Robin Daniels, Head of Enterprise Product Marketing, on the company blog. 

Trusted Access

Box says their average user logs in from six places, on three or more devices. That's a lot of locations to keep track of. To make it easier, the Trusted Access Management feature enables the tracking of logins from mobile devices, desktops via Box Sync and custom apps via Box APIs. And, like Facebook, users have the option of being alerted of new login instances. 

Further, IT admins can now limit the number of devices an employee can access from the same user ID.

Learning Opportunities

Groups Active Directory Synchronization

Lastly, IT admins can opt to have their linked Active Directory (AD) groups automatically populated within Box.When users login, they will be added or removed from Box groups based on their AD groups. Admins can create new groups in Box from AD, add users to a Box group or remove users from a Box group.  

“We are committed to providing the best tools and access controls for end-users and IT admins that deliver uncompromised security across the enterprise,” said Aaron Levie, co-founder and CEO of Box. “We’re introducing new, sophisticated security features at every stage of the Box experience to protect the most important asset of your business – information. Today’s new smart security functionality and active directory updates, as well as our relationship with Intel make Box one of the most secure platforms for collaboration in the cloud.”

Now with Intel

To top it all off, Box has also announced a new relationship with Intel. The resulting feature integrations aim to simplify how admins manage user permissions and group access through Single Sign-On and authentication.

With Expressway Cloud Access 360, administrators can automatically provision Box accounts, leveraging existing identity repositories and enable federated SSO. This helps eliminate the need for additional authentication, and adds another layer of user convenience to the Box platform.