While companies want to maximize the productivity of their employees, we know they can be hesitant to implement the technologies needed to help workers, especially those who work remotely, get the job done. Thanks to Antenna, companies can amp up their mobile business applications without relinquishing control or costs.

Antenna, an independent mobile enterprise solutions provider, recently released the Antenna Mobility Platform (AMP) Approvals Suite, a collection of mobile apps designed to improve business processes and streamline workflows, all in the name of enhancing productivity. We talked with Jim Somers, chief marketing and strategy officer and Jason Wong, senior product marketing manager at Antenna to learn more about the Approvals Suite.

A Need for Mobile Business Management

As mobile becomes more and more consumer-oriented, customers are driving more innovation into the industry. As a result, companies are behooved to keep up and make it possible for their employees to communicate and manage projects from anywhere at anytime. By adapting and implementing mobile applications into an enterprise, companies are also given an opportunity to expand their brand, while making it easier for information and service workers to review, update and manage administrative tasks and requests.

The AMP Approvals Suite offers three mobile applications that facilitate purchasing, scheduling and expense reporting and management. Each app provides managers the opportunity to review and sign-off on purchase order requests, review and authorize travel requests and view, approve or reject expenses awaiting their review.

Learning Opportunities

Not only does Antenna allow its suite to integrate across multiple platforms and operating systems, it also gives administrators complete and centralized control over the mobile application, users and devices. Information managers can monitor usage and behaviors, as well as create custom reports so as to accurately understand how apps are being used. Such business intelligence can be used to improve customer and employee experiences.

Are You an App Thinker?

Antenna says that in order for companies to fully understand the potential of the mobile business management applications held, they need to think of apps, not as a stand alone, but as a virtual extension of their brand, capable of changing and evolving behaviors. By helping to offset pain points, apps can provide solutions that can alleviate costs traditionally associated with paper-based processes.

Overall, mobile business applications, like the ones provided by Antenna’s AMP Approvals suite, give companies both the control and flexibility needed to keep customers and employees empowered.