Cloud-based business integration software provider Hubspan has just added new analytics software to its cloud-based integration platform WebSpan. This software, the company says, will provide all kinds of business intelligence from B2B integration processes.

Launched today at the Cloud Computing Expo West in California, WebSpan Analytics will offer business users bundled cloud-based business integration and business intelligence software that aims to offer trend data around B2B communications.

Hubspan says it has developed the new analytics product to meet a growing demand of products that comes with bundled business intelligence. Because analytics is a core element of BI, the Seattle-based company is releasing WebSpan Analytics.

HubSpan, WebSpan and Integration

HubSpan, which was founded in 2000, provides software that enables companies to automate business processes across internal and external communities. The idea behind its platform, WebSpan SaaS Integration, is quite simple. While we all know about the proliferation of information and information sources running, in tandem to this is the proliferation of points of contact between companies and their internal communities, outside suppliers, customers and divisions.

In an ideal world, all these different elements would meet in a single place and communicate quickly and efficiently. The reality is somewhat different however, and most companies are obliged to use different forms of communications.

Companies might, for example, use FTP to exchange data with partners, middleware software to integrate to ERP applications, web services for inventory checking with some services or products built in-house while others are outsourced. And that’s not even looking at cross-enterprise integration.

HubSpan’s solution to this is WebSpan SaaS Integration Platform. It combines a cloud-based platform and managed services with IBM WebSphere integration software.

Hubspan-B2B Integration2.jpg
B2B Integration Often Results in Tangled Connections

The platform is a flexible and secure solution that facilitates integration processes from managed file transfer to advanced EDI or complex eCommerce operations and is available as two different suites:

  • WebSpan Connect: A basic integration package designed for small to medium SMBs
  • WebSpan Process: Advanced suite with premium business integration processes

Hubspan-B2B Integration_simplified.jpg

HubSpan -- Simplified B2B Integrations

Both offer connections to multiple communities and manage direct connections to contact using a VAN (Value Added Network) or marketplace.

HubSpan Analytics

To this, HubSpan has just added its analytics package -- analytics being one of the top technologies for 2011, according to Gartner (news, site).

The company says that this is the first bundled business integration/business intelligence tool offered as a SaaS.

Enabling users access and analyzing all information that is released through the B2B integration process, it can provide information around transactions, messaging and connections as well as other critical information in real-time. Key features include:

  • Easy access to information through dashboards that provide graphic display of key information
  • Granular view of data using easy drill-down capabilities
  • Easy creation of PDFs of reports and dashboards
  • Security controlled by company, based on user roles and permissions

This is just the first announcement that we have come across from Cloud Computing Expo West. There should be a lot more, making for an interesting week ahead.