Cloudera (news, site), the current leader in the Apache Hadoop based commercial services market, has announced that Cloudera Enterprise 3.5 is available. Cloudera Enterprise 3.5 is a significant update to the subscription-based service; it includes several new features such as one-click security that makes it easier for organizations to leverage Hadoop. As data and competition in the Hadoop space grows, Cloudera will have to continue to innovate to remain a market leader.

Making Managing Big Data with Hadoop a Little Easier

Cloudera Enterprise 3.5 is a subscription-based service that provides lifecycle management for Hadoop deployments -- a notoriously complex endeavor -- making selection of the big data processing technology more feasible for many organizations. The latest release consists of Hadoop support by Cloudera and the Cloudera Management suite, which provides operational visibility into Hadoop clusters and automates many of the common tasks related to managing Hadoop deployments.

Cloudera Enterprise 3.5 includes a number of new features such as:

  • Service and Configuration Manager (SCM) makes it easier to deploy and manage Hadoop servers in Clouder’s Distribution of Apache Hadoop. SCM allows users to install and configure Hadoop using a dashboard and make configuration updates while the system is running. Additionally, SCM validates that configurations are correct, a common source of deployment errors. SCM can save organizations multiple hours of trial and error trying to determine the source of the configuration error.
  • Activity Monitor provides users a real-time view of into Hadoop deployments. It provides a holistic view of Hadoop-related functions from MapReduce to Pig and Hive in one location. Activity monitor provides both high- and low-level data and integrates with SCM so that if administrators see a problem they can fix it.
  • Enhancements to Resource and Authorization Manager -- the company has enhanced its resource and authorization manager modules to provide a detailed historical disk space usage, automated administration of security ACL and improved synchronization with LDAP systems. These improvements are targeted at organizations using Hadoop in a multi-tenant environment.

Free Tool to Make Configuration Easier

Simultaneously with the announcement of Cloudera Enterprise 3.5, the company is also announcing the launch of Cloudera SCM Express. SCM Express is based on the Service and Configuration manager in Cloudera Enterprise 3.5 and available free. SCM Express reduces the effort required to install and configure an Apache Hadoop-based stack with up to 50 nodes. According to Cloudera, leveraging SCM Express can reduce the time required to install and configure Hadoop from weeks to minutes. In addition, after deployment, users can use ECM Express to monitor the nodes in real-time from a centralized console.

Potential users can get more details about Cloudera Enterprise 3.5 at or download Cloudera SCM Express for free at