In early January, we predicted that Colligo would be one of the vendor’s third-party SharePoint products to watch this year. In December, it introduced Colligo Briefcase Enterprise for iPad. Today, in keeping with our earlier predictions, it has released Colligo Briefcase Pro.

Seeing the Lite

Also for enterprises that want access to their SharePoint content through iPad, this version of the Colligo Briefcase Enterprise is targeted at enterprises that went the "Lite" route when the Enterprise version was released, but now find themselves looking for a bit more muscle.

The "Lite" Version was not hugely different than the Enterprise edition but only supported a single SharePoint site, had limited synchronization options, a maximum synchronization cache of 50MBs and limited security options.

iPad Colligo.jpg

Sharing SharePoint files on iPad using Colligo Briefcase

Added Features

The new Pro edition makes some adjustments to that and is aimed at the SMB market and professionals who are carrying a lot of content around with them.

This gives users:

  •  Ability to access and sync an unlimited number of SharePoint sites
  •  Unlimited storage for synced sites
  •  Enhanced sync capabilities to specify libraries, lists or views to sync

It also adds additional security. While the "Lite" edition stepped back a bit on security, this adds:

  • Separate passcode to gain access to the Colligo Briefcase application
  • Support for all SharePoint authentication methods

Colligo iPad Sync.jpg

Colligo Briefcase Syncing

This is on top of the features that came with the original release, which pretty much gave the user anything they could want from their SharePoint deployment through iPad. Those features included:

  • Full view of files stored in SharePoint directly on the iPad
  • Share files using links to SharePoint documents
  • Viewing SharePoint content offline for constant and fast access
  • View document and file properties such as metadata
  • File editing capabilities through Documents to Go, or GoodReader

Like the two other iPad apps for SharePoint from Colligo, Pro is available for download from the Apple App Store. 

But before buying, check out the level of functionality you need to see if the other apps might suit you better.