The 2011 OpenTalk Theater provided the soapbox for twenty speakers to discuss enterprise content management related topics such as "Content Management for the Jetson’s," to AIIM President John Mancini sharing "True Confessions of a Social CEO," to OpenText’s head of R&D, Nicholas Oddson, on “The Gamification of Work, Life, Everything!" to Stephen Ludlow’s predictions for the "The Future of Records Management," to name a few. The OpenTalk Theater is an ECM mind-meld where industry experts converge to share their opinions, perspectives and/or predictions -- within ten to twenty minutes. There’s only one guideline for OpenTalkers: no shameless product endorsements, technical geek speak or corporate gobbledygook.

Two IT Executives shared a common theme, albeit different approaches to achieving big things: for Kevin Moss, Senior Vice President of IT at DDR Corp, big things came from content convergence and for Dave Peppard, CIO and CTO of Emergency Medicine Physicians, it was big things from small places.

So What Do They Mean by "Big Things"?

No one can argue that saving lives is not a big thing. For EMP, that means treating 3 million patients each year across eighty facilities by one thousand doctors. For Peppard and his team, this means providing doctors with patient information, access to personalized data, resources and education through EMP’s intranet site. For the busy emergency physician, real-time access to patient charts and information can be mission critical.

The site, called MyPulse, also provides operational data and information such as physicians' individual productivity and patient satisfaction trends and their benefits and equity information.


EMP’s MyPulse intranet site delivers a fully customizable experience that allows physicians to build their own home page as well as integrate with social software, wikis, RSS feeds and a notification system.

Recently, Peppard took another big step and delivered seven MyPulse mobile applications in seven weeks. These are enterprise-class, native applications that support any mobile platform -- including Android, BlackBerry, iPhones and iPads.


What made this task even more impressive: it was done by 3 people. Appropriately titled “Big Things from Small Places,” Peppard shared how people, teamwork and the right attitude made this possible.


According to Peppard: "it comes down to attitude. If you think you can’t get big things done, then you’re right -- you won’t, it’s that simple. If you take the position that you’re ready to change it all, focus on your people and provide them with meaningful work, then you can accomplish big things from small places.”

Big Things Through Content Convergence

While Peppard focused on how mobility makes big things happen, Moss shared how big things happen at the point of convergence. DDR Corp owns and manages over 500 shopping centers representing 134 million square feet across the United States, Puerto Rico and Brazil.For Moss, when it came to the underlying systems, applications and infrastructure to optimize the leasing process, he saw the sum would drive greater value than the parts. This meant converging content from customer relationship management, business intelligence, financial management, records management and document assembly processes.

"Companies have dreamed about leveraging the combined power of their investments in ERP, BI, ECM and CRM for many years”, Moss stated. “The magic happens when we deliver content at the point where these major systems converge and OpenText contributes greatly to our success in making that dream a reality.”

It’s been five months since content converged at DDR.Moss shared how over 900 lease documents are in the system and leasing representatives are benefiting from streamlined workflow and automated document assembly for intent letters, contracts and deal economics comparison. This improved DDR representatives’ ability to expedite lease negotiations and provide greater quality of service. Key elements to DDR’s content convergence are illustrated in the screenshots below:

Learning Opportunities


Schmid_4.jpeg is DDR’s primary point of convergence for available inventory from its Oracle ERP system, content from OpenText ECM as well as BI, and AutoCad.


Convergence depends on having the right taxonomy in its enterprise content management system.


Automated document assembly in enterprise content management receives deal data from and creates the lease document and subsequent workflows in OpenText ECM.

Good Leadership is What Makes Really Big Things Happen

Supporting the doctors who treat three million patients or the realtors managing 134 million square feet of retail space (in three countries, no less) are big things. The challenges, resistance and obstacles which Moss and Peppard face are no different than any other IT organization of any size or in any industry. The notable difference is their leadership approach.

Moss and Peppard possess that game-changer attitude that values, supports and empowers their teams with meaningful work. Moss went so far as to name and personally thank each of his team members. They both delivered inspiring OpenTalk sessions that prove that IT can make Big Things happen and more so when it has the right leadership.

About the OpenTalk Theater

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About Kevin Moss, DDR Corp. (

Kevin Moss joined DDR Corp. in 2008 as its Senior Vice President of Information Technology.Mr. Moss brings a business approach to the leadership of technology initiatives. He is responsible for driving innovation through strategic investments in software and infrastructure, aligning interdepartmental goals, and leveraging technology to empower business units and enable them to improve their performance and profitability.

About Dave Peppard, Emergency Medicine Physicians (

Dave Peppard is the CIO and CTO at Emergency Medicine Physicians (EMP).Since joining in 2004, Mr. Peppard is responsible for day to day operations of all IT activities including IT integration efforts in all acquisitions. He is responsible for IT services for over 1000 physicians, 80 emergency rooms and 500 non-physician employees and is a HIPAA compliance advisor.

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