Day 4, #spc11: Blackberry Gets SharePoint Client, EntropySoft Upgrades ContentHub

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It’s the final day of the SharePoint conference in Anaheim, and there are just a few loose ends to tie up before leaving. While there has been a lot to think about over the past four days, there were a few releases that slipped under the radar from EntropySoft, RIM and CommVault, as well as early results of some interesting research from Forrester.

EntropySoft to Upgrade ContentHub

EntropySoft won’t be releasing this until later this month, but it's been talking about it around Anaheim. It’s a new update for ContentHub that will include upgraded SharePoint integration and Web Parts as some of the new features.

These upgrades will bring content federation to SharePoint, enabling access to more than 40 content management systems through EntropySoft Web Parts.

As a result, users will be able to have access to and work with the connected content management systems to create, modify or delete documents and change permissions and metadata in more than 40 supported systems, including EMC Documentum, IBM FileNet, and Oracle UCM.

Content Hub also adds advanced federated search features to SharePoint Enterprise Search to more easily find documents in Content Hub-connected repositories.

This means there will be two kinds of search options available. Because all the applications involved have their own search engine, a distributed search can be executed by content hub, or a centralized search can be executed by SharePoint enterprise search.

There’s not confirmed date for the release of this upgrade, but EntropySoft has said by the end of the month.

Blackberry Gets SharePoint Client

Another announcement that slipped under the radar from this week is from Research In Motion, which announced the BlackBerry Client for SharePoint.

Connectivity between BlackBerry smartphones and SharePoint servers is made possible with BlackBerry Enterprise Server software. The solution features:

  • Client app integration with core BlackBerry features and functions such as email, calendar, browser, and search
  • Check-out, check-in and versioning of files reflected on the SharePoint server
  • Office document editing using Documents To Go
  • Access to blogs, wikis and lists and the ability to update from a BlackBerry smartphone
  • Content searches across multiple SharePoint sites from a BlackBerry

The BlackBerry Client for Microsoft SharePoint is available in six languages and 25 countries.

Forrester Outlines SharePoint Adoption Trends

Meanwhile, Forrester released the early results of research conducted last July on SharePoint 2010 adoption and migration trends.

While the full results are not available, the presentation by Rob Koplowitz, a Forrester Research vice president, on Tuesday at a panel session entitled Best Practices in SharePoint 2010 Adoption and Migration gave some interesting insights as to where SharePoint is going.

Taken from the responses of 510 decisionmakers across the IT industry, it showed that 79% of them say SharePoint is meeting their expectations, with 21% saying it didn’t.

Learning Opportunities

It also shows that 44% are planning to add third-party software into their SharePoint environment, and 38% saying that they had already been to third-party vendors after SharePoint didn’t provide what they were looking for out-of- the-box.

The top third-party vendors were as follows:

  • Nintex for workflow
  • Bamboo for WebParts
  • AvePoint for administration
  • NewsGator for social networking
  • Axceler for administration
  • Metalogix for content management and
  • Yammer for social networking

As expected, most are still using SharePoint 2007, but there is a move to SharePoint 2010 with 57% saying they were using that. The full results will be released later.

CommVaultUpgrades ADM

Over the week, CommVault showcased the recent release of its Application Data Management (ADM) bundle that provides integrated backup, recovery and archive in one solution, eliminating the need to install and manage separate data management applications in Microsoft SharePoint environments.

The ADM bundle integrates CommVault Simpana 9 modules for backup, recovery and archive with predefined SharePoint reference architectures and operational guidelines to simplify deployment and protection.

CommVault’s Simpana software platform and functionality, including SnapProtect technology, eliminates complex scripting of snapshots with backup tools to deliver application awareness across all tiers of storage.

In addition, integrated, global data deduplication removes redundant data to increase network efficiency and reduce storage infrastructure costs.

Pricing for the software component of CommVault's ADM Bundle begins at $25,000 and is available as a software capacity licensing SKU, and includes reference architectures and leading practice guidelines to help channel partners and their customers match backup, recovery and archive needs with appropriate hardware and services for optimal data protection.