Eccentex Puts Dynamic Case Management in the Cloud; Improves Productivity, Access

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Is your company benefitting from the cloud? Are you bringing together the right information, processes and people? If not, then listen up. Recently we spoke with Glen Schrank, CEO of Eccentex to talk about dynamic case management, its drivers and competitive advantages.

Managing Dynamic Workflows

A recent report by Newtek Business Services suggested that nearly three-quarters (71%) of small businesses said they have never heard of cloud computing. A company’s lack of knowledge and understanding about how different software storage options can definitely affect how they integrate, manage information and ultimately optimize business processes.

Additionally, there are so many things changing how work is done within the enterprise. From business intelligence case metrics to dynamic media to increased rights of the consumer, traditional, static case management solutions that deal only with highly structured and document-intensive processes simply don’t work any more.

Building DCM Block by Block

Eccentex, which boasts being the only dedicated DCM in the marketplace that delivers in the cloud, helps knowledge workers become more effective and productive by advancing the user experience, offering user-friendly interfaces, and employing process analytics. By focusing on these three areas, Eccentex ensures that companies remove obstacles and improve the way organizations work.

Schrank says that most systems are built with one goal in mind, but evolve so that all parts of the process are effective. Additionally, Eccentex’s platform provides a variety of solutions based on the same components. Built from the ground up, companies can build block by block to meet specific needs.


Eccentex'sAppBase business process management module automates any type of process  

Learning Opportunities

Most companies start by focusing on how complaints are processed. By implementing systems that can help keep better track of processes, documents, user actions and other changes, the system can help create insight for companies. Such improvements can boost compliance and promote knowledge sharing.


Eccentex's Customer Complaint Management tracks customer complaints and service issues

Dynamic, Competitive Management

Eccentex’s AppBase Cloud Platform for Dynamic Case Management includes pre-integrated components to make social collaboration, content integration, document management and process visibility faster and better organized.As well, it can facilitate multiple points of entry, from traditional channels such as scan and faxing to mobile applications. By making DCM available as a service, the enterprise will not have to sacrifice security for convenience and accessibility, making Eccentex a powerful knowledge management solution.