What's up with EMC's Big Data spin machine? First, rumors of a new PaaS business unit plaster the Web, then EMC Greenplum announces purchase of MoreVRP via... a Blog Post? -- Really?

Late last week the web was a buzz with rumors that EMC would soon be announcing the formation of a new business unit, leveraging assets from its Big Data sweetheart Greenplum and Cloud components from its VMWare spinoff.

Low Key EMC Acquisition

But while everyone was tweeting about that, the storage giant was up to something else. On Friday, EMC announced that it had purchased MoreVRP, a comprehensive database control and monitoring platform.

The MoreVRP news came via a blog post on Greenplum's website versus the type of well- orchestrated, well-controlled announcements EMC usually makes. The only "press" we could find on the matter comes from siliconAngle, a web media channel which some might call a "friend of EMC" -- siliconAngle broadcasts siliconAngle TV live from EMC World, gets access to execs as soon as they leave the stage -- and though the journalists at siliconAngle most likely knew of the rumor, they made no mention of it. The only insight they added beyond Greenplum's Datastream post (Greenplum's blog is called Datastream) is that the size of the acquisition was "substantial" which makes this all the more curious.

It could be that the folks at Greenplum, of which MoreVRP will now be a part of, didn't want to field questions about the new EMC business unit which is speculated to be announced sometime this week. Or that they wanted to downplay the news so that it wouldn't steal the thunder of the impending announcement. The only other explanations I can come up are ridiculous, such as that everyone in EMC's PR department, as well as its third party public relations partners, were simultaneously incapacitated -- maybe the punch was spiked at every EMC Christmas/Holiday party worldwide -- or that no one wants to write about the acquisition, which, of course, is highly unlikely.

Mike Maxey, Greenplum's Senior Director of Strategy & Corporate Development penned the blog post and tweeted it out on Friday.


MoreVRP hasn't posted news of the acquisition on its site at all.

EMC BU Plans in the Making

Putting all speculation aside for a moment, it's worth noting that MoreVRP's website describes itself as "an out-of-the-box, state-of-the-art, Virtual Resource Partitioning software solution that enterprises can use to improve their IT system performance, availability, stability and HW and SW utilization, thereby reducing downtime and ensuring maximal quality of service (QoS) for mission-critical applications". It's supposed to accelerate key transactions by managing peaks and loads thereby reducing total cost of ownership, capital and operating expenses.

Maxey, in his blog post, calls MoreVRP “the only solution that has the ability to leverage the knowledge it collects to proactively reallocate resources across all active transactions in accordance with business priorities via dynamic IO and CPU resource allocation.” He goes on to explain that EMC Greenplum will be combining it with its own Command Center management interface, in order to deliver the industry's premier Big Data management and control offering.

Though Maxey makes no mention of the rumored new business unit -- or that any plans for one even exist -- MoreVRP would clearly add value to it, if TechCrunch is correct in its prediction of what it will look like.

The new EMC business unit rumor started when Barb Darrow at GigaOm wrote that, according to her sources, VMware would be handing over its Cloud Foundry Platform as a Service (PaaS), GemStone data caching technology, SpringSource Java frameworks and other non-core VMware offerings to a new EMC-owned subsidiary. Darrow also mentioned that former VMware CEO, Paul Maritz and former Pivotal Labs -- which EMC acquired last March and is now owned by EMC's Greenplum unit -- boss, Robert Mee will play key roles in the new subsidiary. She added that it will compete against Microsoft Azure and Amazon.

TechCrunch one-upped GigaOm's news a few days later stating that -- according to its sources -- Maritz will lead the new unit which will combine the aforementioned VMware assets with EMC Greenplum (which Darrow didn't mention) to deliver a new big data platform play.

Both the GigaOm and TechCrunch posts were written before the MoreVRP announcement which, by the way, would only add value to the rumored, new EMC business unit if it takes form as predicted.