"Where Information Lives" has been EMC’s tagline for years and years. It’s always conjured up images of storage devices for me. But not anymore.

If you want to witness information that’s alive and being transformed, go sign up for Syncplicity. It's the ultra cool service you can use to manage your files on the cloud. (And, yes, it’s free for individual users, but after you try it, you might want to use it at work.) 

Like Magic, Only More Practical

Now if you’re thinking that it’s just another version of Dropbox, Box, SugarSync or any of the dozen or so other services that offer a SaaS model for file storage and sharing, listen up. Syncplicity literally manages content where it lives.

There’s no need to upload or download files to folders when changes happen. Instead, when there’s a change in a file thatyou“like,” the change shows up when you and/or your authorized collaborators next access it.

“It’s seamless,” says Jeetu Patel, Syncplicity’s general Manager and Chief Executive.

He cites the example of a large salesforce in the field that needs to immediately be notified of a price change. Pushing out emails and phone calls to all of them with the new price list isn’t only inefficient, but the emails could sit unopened as sales teams make client presentations using the wrong figures. Not good.

With Syncplicity the new pricelist would simply show up, updated on whatever devices are turned on.

Learning Opportunities

It’s like magic.

“Technology that is sufficiently advanced is like magic,” says Leonard Chung, Syncplicity’s Chief Strategist.

Syncplicity is Mobile, Multi-Lingual & Documentum Integrated 

Yesterday at EMC’s Information Intelligence Group conference in Vienna, Austria, Patel made several key announcements related to Syncplicity:

  1. Syncplicity Mobile 2.0 for the Apple iOS platform was introduced. It provides the ability to sync selected files and folders from computers to mobile devices so that the most recent version of a document is always available online or offline without requiring users to take any action.
    This solution equips sales people with the up-to-date presentations, price lists and information they need to win business. Knowing that they always have access to the most current, relevant content at a specified time frees them to focus on their customers and close deals.
    Not only that, but with the Syncplicity Mobile Solution,IT and other workers who support sales teams can focus on strategic work and gain meaningful productivity because they’re no longer stuck doing menial tasks.
    In a similar light,Syncplicity Mobile 2.0 gives marketing teams access to updated collateral on the fly. In highly-regulated scenarios, Standard Operating Procedures and quality documents for facilities and manufacturing teams can be kept current to help ensure compliance.
    Specific features of Syncplicity Mobile 2.0 include:
    The new release for Apple iPad and iPhone devices is immediately available for download in the Apple Store. Support for Android devices will be available soon.
    • Selective sync support for control over which files and folders automatically synchronize
    • • New Mobile Push notification to inform users whenever a new version is available on their device
    • • Mobile favorites put a user’s most important files right at their fingertips
    • • Enhanced IT admin controls sync process to conserve device memory and power, and protect against overusing data plans
  2. Syncplicity Integration with Documentum
    Business processes of any kind generally require more paperwork, from more people in more places than anyone wants to deal with. Getting the right forms and documents to the right people and back from the right people in time is a great source of frustration or worse.
    Companies who take advantage of Syncplicity‘s integration with Documentum,can now automate the distribution of content from their Documentum repository to users and all of their devices as part of business processes.
    Common horizontal and industry use cases include: publishing regulated sales and marketing collateral to remote sales teams for offline access in industries such as pharmaceuticals and life sciences; publishing standard operating procedures (SOPs) and controlled content in manufacturing; publishing deal books in financial services; and handling document transmittals in the oil and gas industry.
    The integration also provides a convenient and secure option for business processes such as submitting content to substantiate a loan, claim or eligibility application, and attaching the content directly to a case file stored in the Documentum Platform.
    The Syncplicity integration with Documentum xCP enables developers to visually design, customize and deploy applications that automatically or manually distribute content from their Documentum repository via Syncplicity.
  3. Syncplicity is now available in French, German, Spanish and Italian.

Editor's Note: Virginia will continue to cover the EMC conference live, so be sure to check back for more updates. In the mean time, check out EMC IIG's Massive Wave of Content Management Solutions Rocks the Enterprise #MMTM12