We continued down Information Management road this week with expert tips on content analytics and building strategic intranets. 

The SharePoint Cloud: Benefits of Office365 

"With the public beta of Office 365 now in full swing, many are looking at the benefits of moving to SharePoint online. Here's a look at some of the benefits of going to the cloud."


Understanding Oracle's Universal Content Management Metadata Profiles

"There is power in Metadata. Unfortunately, administrators tend to overlook or not fully understand the abilities of the tools that come with most enterprise content management applications. Oracle’s Universal Content Management application has a not-so-hidden gem that is all too often overlooked: Metadata Profiles."


Enterprise Information Management in 2011: Aim Lower, Think Smaller, Get Specific

"This month’s theme is Enterprise Information Management in 2011 - How the Field is Shifting, Is Disruption Coming? This kind of topic is lot harder than the obligatory “Future of EIM” posts us analyst types like to write every December, because it has a time horizon: the remainder of 2011.

So this month I can’t just muse about what might happen in THE FUTURE. I have to confine myself to things that might reasonably happen (or at least begin to happen) in the next seven months. Bummer.

But I’m a team player, so I’ll give it the old college try."


Content Analytics: The Next Big Thing in ECM?

"In last month's article (The Semantics of Content Management: What We Mean and How We Say It), I discussed how we often trip over our collective tongues with our use of language and terminology when discussing content management and related technologies within our enterprises. This month, I thought I would address one of those terms that could possibly cause some confusion: content analytics."


Why Your Intranet is Not Strategic

"Think of how important the Web has become to how we live and work. Does your intranet have the same prominence? Is it central to the functioning of your organization? If not, why not?"