If you're interested in doing more crowdsourced tagging for your OpenText Web Site Management CMS, OpenText partner Enthink has announced a new version of its Taxonomy Manager.

What Taxonomy Manager Is

Taxonomy Manager lets users of OpenText Web Solutions (formerly known as RedDot Content Management System) make the data in the CMS more accessible by applying metadata from taxonomies or other controlled vocabularies. This provides an easy and effective way to tag content, allowing you to package your organization's knowledge in a more consumable way, the company says.

For now, the product works only with OpenText, but could support other Enterprise CMS products in the future.

What's New in Version 3.0

Enhancements in this release include the ability to manage multiple taxonomies within a project while still allowing any area of a site to have its own taxonomy.

The release also provides administrators the ability to isolate a structural taxonomy to ensure project integrity. In addition, taxonomy authorizations are now based on permissions of the user and the CMS element being tagged, based on existing authorizations within the project.

Other enhancements include the ability to have SEO-specific keywords, control configuration from within the application and an increased ability to pre tag content, resulting in a quicker way to tag content and minimizing potential errors made by authors. In addition, language-specific keywords mean organizations can have multiple languages in its taxonomy and mask system taxonomy values with user-friendly names.

The software costs US$ 10,000 plus a 20% maintenance fee that is mandatory for the first year. It is available now; existing users can download the update from the website.