EPiServer is out with version 7.5 of its CMS, which, like other content handling systems, is facing the challenge of adapting content to so many kinds of devices.

Bob Egner, Vice President of Product Management, told CMSWire the key improvement in the new release is enhanced adaptive rendering of content. In 7.5, he said, “the rendering is different based on who will be looking at it,” and the device on which it is being viewed.

EPiServer image.png

A screenshot from version 7.5 of EPiServer CMS.

Handling Content

Egner added that the focus of the previous major release, version 7, was improving ease-of-use, while 7.5’s is “how it handles content.” Through adaptive rendering, the new release can treat content as one entity that is ported to different uses, such as a web site and a mobile site.

To accomplish this, 7.5 is designed to “atomize content” so each piece is treated as a unit that can be replicated for the intended screen or channel. The company has also continued its effort to streamline functions so business users can perform tasks easier. The new version, Egner said, now “has the ability for a business user to spin up an entire site without IT support.”

Integration for a CMS is a key asset these days, and 7.5 has boosted its integration with the company’s e-commerce platform. This enables a user, Egner said, to designate a block of content that can be recognized as a product description by both the CMS and the e-commerce system. There’s also tighter integration with marketing automation systems, such as SilverPop or Marketo, and built-in support for establishing a public cloud-based development environment.

A Customer’s Reaction

HSB, a major housing organization in Sweden, is a customer of the Stockholm-based EPiServer. Its Manager of Digital Channels, Maria Isaccson, told us her organization began using version 7.0 in mid-2012, and recently upgraded to a pre-release version of 7.5. She said HSB’s administrators and the local editors find EPiServer’s “managing and editing process more intuitive and easy to handle,” compared to their previous CMS.

In particular, she praised the ability to see the layout for various devices while editing, as well as the availability of content blocks for sharing content across different types of sites. Isaccson noted that 7.5’s new drag-and-drop feature for document management was a particular favorite, while new features her organization would like to have are a stronger emphasis on social media integration and an easier handling of media in the editor.