What's a powerful Web CMS vendor to do without a built in, advanced email and social marketing tool? Build their own? Nonsense, EPiServer says.

The company has integrated one of its own customers, Silverpop, into its enterprise ready platform, a move that will surely payoff as the pace of change accelerates in the marketing automation industry.

Eloqua Buyout's Ripple Effect

Feel that? It's the wave splashing out in the wake of the over US $800 million Oracle buyout of marketing automation leader Eloqua. No doubt similar companies, for example, Silverpop, could be on some IT giant's wish list, so this integration could be short lived if someone did snap up Silverpop. Of course Silverpop does not have the full suite of tools that a vendor like Eloqua does.

In the meantime, EPiServer's Web experience management tools have been merged into the Silverpop Engage platform, and that means deeper understanding of, and faster response to customer needs. Additionally, EPiServer's customers will have access to the Silverpop lead capture and nurturing tools.

In this deal, it's important to note EPiServer already does have marketing tools like handling content for multiple channels in one interface. Silverpop simply gives the Web CMS system access to the advanced email, mobile and social tools therein.

Content + Personalization

EPiServer's personalization engine builds relevant Web pages that are contextualized based on the audience, and now that will include marketing data from Silverpop Engage.


Customize content during creation, and that data can be sent to multiple sites and channels.

Silverpop's integration into the EPiServer 7 CMS system is the biggest move EPiServer has made since the new release went live last fall. Prior to the launch of EPiServer 7, the company had been steadily adding to the platform throughout 2012, and it may be taking a similar approach this year.

As Bob Enger, EPiServer's VP of product development and product marketing told CMSWire around the EPiServer 7 CMS launch last year, the platform is all about managing content at a more granular scale across channels. With the Silverpop integration, that's certainly true, especially for marketers.