e-Spirit Delivers SharePoint Integration for FirstSpirit CMS

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Touting its international roots, Germany-based e-Spirit, the CMS industry’s most recent European transplant to the US, is announcing a new module for integration with Microsoft SharePoint 2010. While numerous organizations are already using SharePoint as an enterprise CMS, CMS system FirstSpirit offers multisite presentations and multilingual web project management that go beyond the powers of SharePoint.  

"The CMS functions of SharePoint are frequently not enough to meet the requirements of large, international businesses with multilingual websites," says Robert Bredlau, COO North America of e-Spirit Inc.

"FirstSpirit Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Integration now provides professional enterprise WCMS to satisfy the highest standards in the .NET world.” Bredlau continued.  

CMS for the .NET world

The goal is to enhance the collaboration and document management platform of the SharePoint 2010 Server to include comprehensive CMS functions. They optimally support companies with SharePoint infrastructure, for example, with the central administration and decentralized output of content (multisite management) in any number of languages for international websites. 

The company said interfacing of FirstSpirit with SharePoint, improves implementation and delivery at a lower cost. The same also applies to complex, heterogeneous portal landscapes or the publishing of content through different output channels. FirstSpirit provides the necessary functions and the user-friendly work interface required to create corporate content and to publish it optimally prepared for the website visitor. The CMS helps users to manage and output digital content by providing strong, integrated media asset management. 

Learning Opportunities

With a Little Help From Our Friends

e-Spirit said the SharePoint integration was developed by its technology partner MATERNA in cooperation with e-Spirit. “With MATERNA, we are working with an outstanding partner, which has extensive SharePoint and content management experience," e-Spirit’s COO, Bredlau said. 

Beyond SharePoint integration, MATERNA has also included the e-Spirit CMS in its own solutions portfolio, and using it to implement web projects for its customers. Guido Weiland, Portfolio Manager at MATERNA, said, "With this partnership, we also underpin our manufacturer neutrality in the web content management segment, especially in the industry, trade and service industries.”  

Earlier this month, e-Spirit announced a partner roadshow that begins in Chicago, October 21. with stops in Boston and New York.  

The company said to celebrate its market entry into the US, it is giving away a free FirstSpirit Web CMS license, training and support package for a qualifying project to one new partner.