Need an e-Discovery solution that reflects perspectives of both the IT and legal departments? The search may be over.Today, Exterro released a new data management layer for its integrated solution suite. Fusion Zeta is an automated, easy-to-administer application designed to handle in-place early case assessment, preservation, collection and analysis. But perhaps most importantly, it gives legal teams 360-degree access into the entire e-discovery process, while eliminating the chaos of manual processes.

Complete Coverage of the EDRM Process

Built on Fusion’s unified platform, legal teams can work efficiently and assert unprecedented control over the e-discovery process. Such control is necessary, thanks to the increasing amount of electronically stored information. As a result, Exterro’s customers can benefit from Fusion Zeta’s complete coverage of the EDRM process, rather than having to rely on a fragmented set of tools.


The Fusion Integration Hub allows Fusion Zeta, and all Fusion solutions, to integrate with the IT infrastructure already in use, like HR or asset management systems, as well as other EDRM tools.

As we know data management doesn’t start and end conveniently. Instead it is a continuous process and deserves to be treated as such. Zeta treats data management as an end-to-end business process, and is able to streamline activities, reduce duplication and waste, and offers complete access and visibility through a centralized interface.Such efficiency will not be wasted on IT or legal, as they will be able to integrate workflows seamlessly allowing legal teams to search and analyze information in one place.

Manage and Execute e-Discovery

With the addition of Fusion Zeta, Exterro’s suite of applications manages the e-discovery process, as well as executes all e-discovery activities. Fusion’s open Integration Hub now connects with common ESI data sources such as Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint while leveraging investments in IT infrastructure and other EDRM tools.

Zeta’s core functionalities include:

In-Place Early Case Assessment (ECA):

Learning Opportunities

  • Users can scan and analyze data sources prior to collection
  • Users can develop scenarios with cost estimates for meet-and-confer preparation

Preservation, Culling and Collection:

  • Includes one-click collections from Exterro Legal Hold, Discovery Workflow, Collection Management or Zeta itself
  • Offers provision for manual and incremental collections
  • Users can create chain of custody reports and audit logs for defensibility

Analysis and In-House Review

  • Users have new search options that can pull relevant documents and cull unrelated or privileged information
  • Includes user-defined document labels for classification purposes
  • Users can implement email and social network analysis with powerful visualization tools

Fusion Zeta strikes the right balance between powerful technology and legal efficacy, making it accessible and useful for legal teams, while making it reasonable for IT to implement. The combination of cost estimation, custodian scoping and early evidence review delivers productive tools that organizations need.