Email remains the powerhouse work tool in our connected, social media enhanced lives, and that is why so many dishonest people attempt every day to trick us with seemingly legit sounding email messages.

Spam filters are a huge help, but phishing scams that come to us from what looks like trusted senders are real problems companies like Message Bus are founded on solving.

DMARC Compliance Standard

Message Bus, along with every major email service provider, has been hard at work on a framework for providing enhanced protection capabilities that increase sender validation. It's called DMARC, short for Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance. This is a voluntary standard meant, in part, to improve operational feedback from receivers back to senders.

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DMARC works with tools like the Sender Policy Framework and Domainkeys Identified Mail to protect email recipients.


DMARC is the framework that email and text messaging infrastructure provider Message Bus has folded into its new trusted email system. The Global Delivery Network is a service for sending emails and texts at scale without triggering DMARC and spam filters so companies can get their messages through.

Additionally, Message Bus has launched a tool for email recipients to block untrusted senders. It's free and it's called Discover. It's a report generated by looking at who is sending emails from your domain. Anyone using your domain fraudulently can then be blocked before doing any more reputation damage.

Learning Opportunities


Enforce compliance controls and stop message waste with Message Bus Discover


Email Innovation

Google really changed the email scene with Gmail, and its spam filter is among the best. There hasn't been a ton of email innovation since, however. Message Bus thinks it has a great new tool in its Global Delivery Network. Pricing starts at volumes of one million emails per month, and it costs US $439. For 10 million emails per month, the price is US $3,780. 

This includes DMARC reporting and policy enforcement, bounce processing, analytics, support, unsubscribe management and campaign management. Tell us in the comments if your company uses an email provider like Message Bus or if you think the Discover tool is particularly useful.