Global 360, riding on the back of the increasing interest and popularity of business process management,  has returned some impressive figures for the third quarter that show an overall increase in BPM revenue of48%.

That it has managed to announce growth like that over the quarter that ended 2010 is noteworthy not just because the company has developed what it calls persona-based BPM software, but also because of increased enterprise demand for BPM generally.

Persona-Based BPM

Global 360 (news, site) describes persona-based BPM as an approach to business process that focuses on how work gets done and how to do it better, rather than on software that simply automates established enterpriseprocesses.

In effect, this means Global 360 has concentrated on developing software that improves user experience and interaction with the problems by analyzing the processes in individual enterprises and adopting their BPM software to those processes.

As a result,it has developed functionality that Global 360 says can deal with not only structured processes, but also unstructured processes -- one of the key elements of agile business process management.

Global 360 and BPM

Research carried out by Gartner (news, site) last year into what would happen to BPM over the next few years identified five features that would carry BPM forward.

Combined, they outlined BPM moving forward as agile and dynamic with technologies such as discovery software, social software and mobile applications coming together and making them easier to use and more relevant for the end user.

One of the results was that Global 360 made it into the Leaders Quadrant in the 2010 BPM Magic Quadrant in November, which couldn’t have hurt its third quarter results.

Learning Opportunities

In assessing its strengths and weaknesses, Gartner also identified the persona-based approach as being one of the company’s major assets, as well as its array of frameworks and templates for different kinds of user interactions.

However, Gartner also warned that its underlying technologies are not completely uniform, with the result that users may find that certain modules provide a less-optimal BPM experience than others.

That said, the company said at the time that it plans to unify and continue to advance the technologies, so we can expect more in this space over the year.

Global 360 in Q3

The result of all that has been the very positive results that it has released for the third quarter. Among them are:

  • Q3 revenues up 48%
  • 53% increase in BPM revenue over Q3 2009
  • 34% quarter-to-quarter increase in professional services revenue
  • Pre-built business process templates introduced using MSVisio and Global 360's analystView simulation plug-in

Global 360 introduced free business process templates providing process professionals with a starting point for using Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN) to visualize and quantify process improvement recommendations.

Now nearly six weeks into the fourth quarter, year-end is fast approaching. While it is always hard to predict what will happen for a company financially in the current climate, it seems unlikely that interest in BPM will see any kind of falloff, or that Global360’s figures for the entire year will not be as equally positive as Q3.