Google Announces It Is Secure, Passes New SSAE-16 Certification

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Users of cloud-based Google Apps and Google App Engine cansleep a little more soundly at night knowing that their data is safe and securewith Google. Google (news, site) announced that they have completed SSAE-16 Type II and ISAE3402 Type II security audits.

Third Party Security Audits

You may be familiar with the SAS 70 Type II, more commonlyreferredto as SAS 70, security audit if you work in a corporate technology department and are responsible for evaluating external serviceproviders. SAS70 is a set of auditing guidelines for serviceorganizations that evaluate ifadequate operational controls are inplace and are sufficient. The standard isone of the most common andrecognizable indicators that a service provider isdoing the thingsnecessary to protect customer data. In June of this year, thestandardwas replaced by SSAE-16 and its more well-traveled international counterpart, ISAE 3402.

Given that the standard has only recently been introduced, fewcloudproviders have had an opportunity to complete the newer audit process. However, Google has managed to jump out in front of the competition andachievecertification for Google Apps, Postini, Google App Engine,Google Apps Scriptand Google Storage for Developers.

Security at Google

Cloud service providers are constantly looking for ways toattractand retain customers in the lucrative enterprise market, and security is a big factor. In fact, just last week, Amazon Web Services announcedits ownenhancements targeted squarely at the enterprise market. Nowthat Google hasannounced it has completed the audit process for SSAE16 and ISAE 3402, we canexpect other major service providers to followtheir example quickly.

Learning Opportunities

Google’s most recent announcement isn’t the only measurethat thecompany has taken to assure its current and prospective customers that their data will be secure the in the hands of Google. Many of Google’ssecurity marketing efforts seem to be focused on its softwareas a serviceproduct Google Apps, which has stiff competition fromMicrosoft. Google haseven published a white paper highlighting the services security features andhas a page dedicated to the topic.

We will be watching to see if Google’s efforts pay off interms of customer growth.