Google Cloud Platform May 8 2014.jpg
In the latest twist in the ongoing battle for dominance in the cloud space, Google just announced it has bought Stackdriver, a cloud app monitoring service.

According to a statement from Google, Stackdriver’s technology will be pushed onto the Google Cloud platform. It underlines the company's ambitions to develop as a real challenger to Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Google has provided little information about the deal, but has said it will start working on integrating Stackdriver’s functionality into the Google Cloud as quickly as possible.

Stackdriver’s Advantages

In a blog post about the deal, Tom Kershaw, product manager at Google Cloud, outlined Stackdriver's advantages. "Stackdriver has built a leading service to help developers intelligently monitor the apps and services they’re building and running in the cloud. This allows customers to have more visibility into errors," he said.

For its part, Stackdriver claimed it is “very excited” about the deal, adding in a statement that it would continue to serve its current customers regardless of the chosen infrastructure. Until now, it has worked largely with AWS, although it also has histories with services from providers like Rackspace and Google Compute Engine.

Kershaw promises Google will invest more in this area in the coming months. That is noteworthy, because Google, Microsoft and AWS have been cutting the proverbial legs out from under each other with price reductions in recent months. That has led some people to predict that probably sooner than later, cloud storage will be free.

It has been clear, though, that Microsoft and Google are not going to catch up with AWS with price incentives alone.

In March, at its Cloud Platform Live event, Google announced it was upping the ante in the cloud computing space by slashing prices and introducing new abilities and functionalities.

In his keynote speech at the event, Urs Hölzle, senior vice president for of technical infrastructure at Google, said Google wants to realize the real promise of cloud computing: to make computing simple for everyone. The Stackdriver buy fits this strategy.