Google announced today that it has inked a new partnership deal with VMware that should give its public cloud services a considerable boost in the enterprise.

According to a statement issued by the two companies, VMware is making four Google cloud services available to enterprise customers through its vCloud Air hybrid cloud. The services include Big Query analytics, Google Cloud Storage, as well as Google Datastore and DNS services.

These will be made available later this year, although it looks like the partnership could be expanded to include other services sooner. VMware is also exploring extended support for Google Cloud Platform as part of its vRealize Cloud Management Suite, according to Murali Sitaram, managing director, global partner strategy and alliances at Google for Work.

Win-Win Situation

The deal could represent a substantial boost for both companies. VMware gets four new services, including BigQuery analytics, which should give it deeper penetration in the enterprise space. Google gets some serious hybrid cloud technology, which it has been lacking to date and which is becoming increasingly important to enterprise that are not quite ready to make the cloud jump.

The result is that businesses can now use Google Cloud Platform tools and services, including Google Cloud Storage, to increase scale, productivity and functionality.

VMware customers should also benefit from the security and scalability of Google’s public cloud, built on the same infrastructure that enables Google to return billions of search results in milliseconds and provide six billion hours of YouTube video per month, according to Google. It also offers the convenience of easy access.

Learning Opportunities

With Google BigQuery, Google Cloud Datastore, Google Cloud Storage and Google Cloud DNS directly available via VMware vCloud Air, VMware customers will benefit from a single point of purchase and support for both vCloud Air and Google Cloud Platform," Sitaram wrote in a blog post.

Hybrid Cloud Competition

In practical terms, this means that vCloud Air customers will be given access to all these services under their existing service contracts and through the existing interconnect with vCloud Air. Enterprises will only have to pay for the Google Cloud Platform services they consume.

The partnership comes at a time when competition is coming to aboilin the public cloud space, with Google and Microsoft Azure fighting it out for second place after Amazon Web Services.

This follows the one-upmanship of the last few years, as Microsoft Azure and Google dropped prices and added functionality to attract enterprise customers.

The enterprise is the ultimate winner here, with cheaper access to more tools on all public clouds and another year of competition on the cards as AWS looks to ensure its leading position.