Got a case of the SIEM? Could be if your Security and Information Event Management (SIEM) strategy is taking longer to deploy or you're struggling with managing its complexity. A new report from eIQnetworks, which offers simplified security, risk and compliance solutions, reflects responses from 191 IT decision makers and shows that 44 percent said that it took a few weeks to more than a month to deploy their latest SIEM product.

Organizations Struggle with SIEM

The survey results indicate that organizations struggle with timely monitoring, managing and remediating security, risk and compliance issues. It’s no surprise that most SIEMs require fine-tuning to produce real value. And it can take months to get useful data. But when asked, IT decisions makers said that managing the complexity of the product is considered the biggest headache when using SIEM. Others indicated that their SIEM projects suffered from a lack of trained personnel who can manage the product, as well as a lack of integration with other products.

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More Visibility and Control Needed

According to the report, 35 percent of respondents stated that compliance requirements are the primary driver behind the use of SIEM. While making auditors happy is one thing, organizations must also be able to glean some value from their SIEM solution as well. To do that organizations are behooved to deploy a simplified and cost effective security intelligence solution that can provide both critical visibility and security controls.

Overall, IT managers are investing more, hiring more, but thanks to new demands introduced by BYOD and big data, managing the IT risk has become harder and more complicated. How are you managing symptoms of SIEM? Tell us in the comments.