This week, once again, security is a top priority. AT&T teams up with McAfee to offer more security for mobile data access, SAP buys single log-in technology, OpenText and SharePoint get DoD 5015.02 certification, while Digital Reef and Exeterro team up for legal hold and information management.

AT&T Offers Mobile Security

Data security is again an issue this week, this time with the release of a combined solution from AT&T (news, site ) and McAfee (news, site) that protects data and data access from mobile devices.

Enterprise Mobility Management (McAfee EMM) software enables businesses and organizations to offer employees their choice of mobile devices across multiple operating systems, while delivering secure and scalable access to corporate applications. In doing so, it enables companies to protect sensitive data on mobile devices and meet compliance regulations.

The web-based console provides centralized management and provides visibility into various mobile assets in the enterprise. The integration with McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator platform also makes it easy for administrators to plug mobile devices into their company's security infrastructure.

It also permits IT administrators to monitor and prevent unauthorized mobile devices from accessing their corporate network, protecting critical IT assets and ensuring compliance with their company's policies.

This is not the first time A T&T and McAfee have worked together. The two have previously cooperated on joint offers like AT&T's Secure E-Mail Gateway Service. The introduction of McAfee EMM software from AT&T represents an extension of this cooperative venture. 

SAP Buys Secure Login Tech

Meanwhile, SAP (news, site) is also looking at security this week and has announced that it will buy security software, identity and access management software, as well as development and consulting resources from its partner company and IT security specialist Secude.

As a result of this transaction, SAP will acquire secure login and enterprise single sign-on, and will roll these into its product portfolio.

With this purchase, SAP aims to provide customers secure client-server communications without the need for third-party offerings. Swiss-based Secude, which remains separate from SAP, plans to focus on developing and marketing its remaining data protection products.

The underlying technology covers laptop hard drive encryption as well as software which manages and protect devices for computers.

The two companies, who have been partners in the area of security software software for nearly 15 years, have signed a definitive agreement for the transaction, the terms of which are not being disclosed. The deal is expected to close in the first quarter of 2011.

OTEX, SharePoint Get DoD 5015.02 Cert

If you missed it earlier this week, OpenText (news, site) and Microsoft, who have been working together on GRC for quite some time, have had their combined records management ability endorsed this week with the award of DoD 5015.02-STD certification.

OpenText says that its ECM Suite 2010 is the first major enterprise content management system to be given the certification, considerably extending the reach and use of both software products.

DoD 5015.02-STD is managed by the Joint Interoperability Test Command (JITC), and involves a rigorous testing process. The successful outcome of which means the combined systems provides an acceptable records management solution for the US Department of Defense.

The testing process, in this case, involved OpenText Records Management and its Application Governance and Archiving for SharePoint offerings being tested in an environment that included SharePoint 2010 and a full set of Microsoft operating systems, office applications and database servers. Want to know more?

Exterro and Digital Reef Integrate

In other news this week, GRC vendor Exterro (news, site) and Digital Reef (news, site) announced the integration of Exterro Fusion and Digital Reef eDiscovery. The integration, the company says, substantially reduces the cost of legal holds, data preservation, processing and early case assessments (ECA) in electronic discovery.

The unified approach provided by Exterro and Digital Reef allows key legal hold and information management as well as custodian metadata to be exchanged, delivering an integrated solution to legal hold notification, collection, preservation and reporting.

New capabilities for customers include aligned legal business processes and information management as well as an integrated framework for legal hold, e-Discovery and early case assessments.

Compliance 360’s Earnings Jumps

Finally this week, SaaS GRC provider Compliance 360, has announced record revenue and net earnings for 2010 on the back of new software customers, which drove 66% of the company’s software sales.

The company says the on-demand software model, which enables quick deployments and a lower overall cost of ownership, has resulted in customer retention exceeding 93 percent.

Net profits rose by 100% compared to 2009, with new customer accounts adding an annual growth rate of 21% based on the replacement of competing systems in more than 100 new facilities.