GRC Roll-up: Daegis Preserves Lotus Notes Application Data, Office 365 Gets Archiving

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It has also been busy this week in the GRC space. For Lotus Notes, Daegis has announced functionality on its e-Discovery platform that enables enterprises to preserve collaborative application data throughout the e-Discovery process,Iron Mountain and GimmalSoft get together for SharePoint 2010 records management, there’s new archiving abilities for Office 365, OpenPeak secures Android, and BIA offers e-Discovery on iPads and iPhones.

Daegis Preserves Lotus Notes Application Data

Lotus Notes has been getting a lot of attention recently. Last week, Binary Tree announced a way of moving Lotus Notes Apps to SharePoint 2010; this week e-Discovery vendor Daegis has announced that it is offering enterprises the ability to preserve and manage Lotus Notes collaborative application data throughout the e-Discovery process.

With the new functionality added to its e-Discovery Platform, Daegis offers enterprises the ability to capture, process, search, cull and review collaborative Lotus Notes applications such as team room documents, document libraries, support systems and customized templates for legal discovery.

It does this by extracting the data including attachments and images in true native format and ingests it for processing, culling, indexing, searching, reviewing and production.

Many companies that have migrated their messaging and collaboration tools to Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint also have legacy applications within their IT environments running on Lotus Notes.

Collection of collaborative application data is complex due to the proliferation of Notes applications throughout the enterprise that are managed without IT support, butDaegis says that using its development expertise with other Lotus Notes migration technology to develop this functionality, it has overcome the problem.

Iron Mountain, GimmalSoft’s SharePoint Records Management

If you missed it earlier, Iron Mountain (news, site) and GimmalSoft (news, site) are getting together to develop a means of managing both physical documents and electronic files for SP 2010.

The proposed solution will integrate SharePoint 2010 and Iron Mountain’s Accutrac software, offering enterprises a centralized means of access to both paper and electronic documents, as well as managing on- and offsite files, classifying data, applying legal holds and setting retention periods.

Neither company says much more than that about what the joint solution will look like, and we’ll have to wait until October when they’ll demonstrate the new solution at the SharePoint Conference in Anaheim, Calif., but all the features mentioned constitute at least some of the features at the core of a good records management solution. Interested in more?

OpenPeak Protects Android

Meanwhile, OpenPeak (news, site), which provides multimedia touchscreen device and device management platforms, has announced the release of its OpenPeak Enhanced Software for Android.

The software offers enterprise IT administrators, service providers and end users advanced security and manageability of smartphones and tablets used in the corporate environment and at home.

The OpenPeak Enhanced Software for Android offers both multi-profile and multi-user support for access control and security. Configuration partitioning with PC-like log-in/log-out functionality enables the creation of separate professional and personal profiles on each device to segregate users’ business and personal data, apps and network accessibility with separate configurable policies for each.

This offers a higher level of security from rogue applications and enables IT to control how users access key corporate information while allowing end users the freedom to take advantage of their multimedia devices.

Learning Opportunities

It also supports cryptographic validation of all software, from the boot code up through the operating system. All downloaded components are cryptographically secured and validated, including the operating system, drivers and applications. And there’s a lot more. If you’re interested, check out the website.

BIA Offers Mobile E-Discovery

Also in the mobile space, e-Discovery vendor BIA (news, site) has announced that users will now be able to manage their TotalDiscovery.com e-discovery projects using their iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Android or other mobile device.

Any mobile device with a data connection and a supported mobile browser can be used to monitor overall status, access reporting, initiate new data collections and more.

Users now have access to their TotalDiscovery.com control panel and monitor data collections and other activities in real time without being tied to their desks. TotalDiscovery.com Is BIA’s online e-discovery data collection and preservation solution.

With no software to install or hardware to provision, new users can go to www.TotalDiscovery.com, register, and start collecting and preserving discovery document collection data online, and now monitor the progress from virtually anywhere from nearly any device in real time.

Office 365’s Cloud Archiving

Finally, while we have talked a lot over the past six months about Office 365, its potential and problems, one of the things that no one seems to able to answer is where and who is going to use it.

Microsoft itself is hoping for interest from the SMB market, while vendors have been working to develop integrations for it. The release of Bloomberg’s Office 365 Cloud Archiving this week is one such product.

With it, users will get real-time policy management, search analytics, e-Discovery and secure archiving for corporate emails and messages, on top of whatever other email services that Office 365 users have subscribed to with the Exchange component of Office365. Interested in more?

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