GRC Roll-up: OpenText's SharePoint Governance, Symantec & Azure Cloud

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This week OpenText has announced an upgrade to its SharePoint 10 governance solution, Symantec has pushed its Windows recovery solution onto Azure, NextDocs offers a cloud-based compliance solution built from ground up, while AccessData and dtSearch Partner.

OpenText Upgrades SharePoint Governance

OpenText has just announced the release of OpenText Application Governance and Archiving (AGA) SharePoint 10.5, which offers SharePoint users integrated content lifecycle solutions for managing SharePoint sites and mission critical business information across an enterprise.

The release enables organizations to drive SharePoint adoption while managing the growth of SharePoint sites to ensure that compliance and archiving policies are met. It also provides open access to all enterprise content and reduces storage costs.

By providing access to content from all enterprise sources directly from within SharePoint in the context of business applications and processes, it also helps to improve user productivity. This ultimately increases the value of content by giving organizations a comprehensive and long-term approach to the preservation of corporate information. Among the new features are:

  • Simplified navigation of large content volumes: Faceted browsing lets users use metadata to navigate through vast volumes of content more efficiently so they can easily access information in OpenText Content Server through SharePoint. Container specific views also allow users to view context-relevant metadata.
  • Enhanced Archiving and Compliance: Significant refinements in OpenText's ability to archive SharePoint content, whether it is long-term archiving of SharePoint lists or support for more complex data types, although OpenText doesn’t outline what those refinements are.
  • Stronger Integration with OpenText ECM for SAP: Enhanced support for OpenText Extended ECM for SAP solutions offers bi-directional access of content to users of SharePoint and SAP software. End users can now access work done in SAP workspaces through SharePoint, or extend access to content and projects created in SharePoint through an SAP workspace.

It also supports Microsoft FAST Search for SharePoint, which enables users to search and index Content Server content using Microsoft's FAST Search technology.

OpenText Application Governance and Archiving for Microsoft SharePoint 10.5 is available immediately through OpenText and its global partners. Bound to be a winner given current rates of SharePoint adoption.

Symantec Offers Azure Recovery

Meanwhile, Symantec announced that it will extend Symantec’s disaster recovery software for Windows to the Windows Azure cloud platform.

Symantec’s solution will enable organizations of any size to recover business critical applications and their associated data in Windows Azure in the event of a local failure or site disaster. The solution will expand the ability of Symantec’s existing business continuity solutions for Microsoft providing on-premise-to-cloud disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS).

Symantec’s DRaaS solution with Windows Azure will enable organizations to not just protect their data but protect their applications as well. With this solution, IT will be able to recover applications and data in record time in the event of an on-premise outage.

Not only will the solution ensure real-time replication of critical application data, but it will also provide end-to-end recovery coordination from the data all the way up through the application.

The great thing about this is that enterprises will be able to avoid having to manage a DR site themselves and benefit from the cloud services provided by Windows Azure. Symantec says it is still working on it so upgrades are expected in the near future.

AccessData and dtSearch Partner

Also this week, the e-Discovery vendor AccessData and text retrieval specialist dtSearch have partnered to provide AccessData data connectors for developers using the dtSearch Engine.

The data connectors allow for seamless and lightweight access to the content within a specific data store, with the initial release covering Microsoft Exchange, Oracle URM or Symantec's Enterprise Vault.

Learning Opportunities

These data connectors are purpose-built to integrate with dtSearch technology and allow for full text indexing of a repository's content and can be used to support a wide variety of business solutions including records management, information governance, internal investigations, audit and e-discovery.

The connectors offer users the ability to:

  • Retrieve incremental indexing information (IDs and timestamps)
  • Retrieve item metadata
  • Retrieve item content
  • Store data in a dtSearch index

AccessData OEM Connectors are currently available for Microsoft Exchange -- any user mailbox; Symantec Enterprise Vault (Exchange) -- archived Exchange user mailboxes; Oracle URM -- all documents. Following this initial release, AccessData plans to roll out additional content repository connectors as well.

NextDocs in the Cloud

Finally this week NextDocs, which provides SharePoint-based compliance solution for life sciences organizations, has announced the release of an online delivery platform for the NextDocs compliance suite, designed from the ground up.

Built on the Microsoft Cloud technology platform, the NextDocs Compliance Cloud is a global offering that offers performance, privacy, security, compliance and disaster recovery.

Compliance Cloud is available with specific service levels that can be tweaked to an organization’s goals, from an entry-level Silver tier to Gold and Platinum tiers.

Each Service Level Agreement (SLA) tier carries the same performance, compliance and security benefits while providing additional service level benefits. Different service level tiers offers life sciences companies of all sizes mission-critical compliance infrastructure.

NextDocs solutions provide SharePoint-based compliance software including quality management software, regulatory document management and clinical portals. Its solutions enable businesses in regulated industries to achieve compliance with FDA and other agencies while automating processes and improving efficiency.