This week, Symantec offered us a preview of its soon-to-be-released upgraded compliance suite, Varonis offers a way of providing Big Data governance, Nuance gives healthcare document capture with HL7 CDA Standard compliance and Metaviz offers archiving for Office 365.

Symantec’s Upgraded Compliance Suite

Symantec this week offered a preview of the upcoming release of Symantec Control Compliance Suite 11, the latest version of its enterprise-class IT governance, risk and compliance solution.

According to Symantec, it will feature the new Control Compliance Suite Risk Manager module, which enables security professionals to better understand and communicate risks to the business environment from their IT infrastructure.

Risk Manager translates technical issues into risks relevant to business processes, delivers customized views of IT risk for different stakeholders and helps prioritize remediation efforts based on business criticality rather than technical severity.

It also enables security leaders to create a targeted view of IT risk as it relates to a specific business process, group or function. Instead of sending business unit owners detailed reports on outstanding configuration or vulnerability issues, they will be able to illustrate how these issues are causing unacceptably high risk to the company’s online e-commerce site, transaction processing system or other key business process.

Symantec Control Compliance Suite will feature a flexible, scalable data framework that greatly simplifies the process of bringing together and “normalizing” information from multiple sources, so that it can be viewed in a common format. It is expected to be available by early summer 2012.

Nuance Offers Medical Compliance

Another company providing specialist software. Nuance, has announced that it has extended eCopy ShareScan to automate the conversion of paper into electronic medical records using HL7 CDA Standard.

The result is that eCopy ShareScan will be able to convert unstructured, paper documents to HL7 Clinical Document Architecture (CDA) files that can be distributed into electronic health records systems.

eCopy ShareScan simplifies and streamlines the scanning of paper documents, adding touchscreen scanning to networked scanning devices and providing hospitals and clinics with the ability to implement secure paper-to-digital workflows.

These can then be distributed throughout the organization using existing investments in scanners and MFPs.

In healthcare, like many other verticals that are looking to go digital, paper documents remain pervasive, particularly in the sharing of information between providers, creating barriers to meeting Meaningful Use criteria in the adoption of electronic medical record systems. eCopy ShareScan aims to help here and at the same time cut a place for itself in a growing market.

Varonis’s Big Data Governance

Data governance software vendor Varonis has announced a solution that will combine Varonis DatAdvantage, DataPrivilege and IDU Classification Framework and HP IBRIX X9000 Storage Systems.

The result is that users will now have access to Varonis data governance software automation and advanced modular HP IBRIX X9000 storage infrastructure.

Combined, they offer comprehensive visibility into user and group information from directory services, detailed data usage audit trails, actionable intelligence about where sensitive data resides, safe removal of excessive permissions and data owner identification.

With 80 percent of enterprise data unstructured (IDC) and residing in shared folders on file servers and NAS devices, it's never been more of an imperative for organizations to have visibility and control over who has access to their critical data, who's using their access, who owns the data and which data is sensitive," said David Gibson, Director of Strategy for Varonis.

He added that the Varonis solution paired with HP IBRIX gives organizations the ability to identify their critical information and take action to protect it while reducing the resources required to manage it.

MetaVis Archiving for Office 365

It you missed it during the week, MetaVis, the SharePoint cloud solution provider, has announced "SavePoint," a SaaS technology that offers agentless SharePoint backup and archiving for Office 365.

The backup service also extends to often-overlooked metadata from a local drive, with a price point starting at under US$ 500 and free trial download available from the company.

Keeping a backup of cloud-based content is a growing trend in the market, according to senior analyst Kathleen Reidy of 451 Research,

The ability to have a local copy of SharePoint data from Office 365 to ensure uninterrupted access and enable recovery beyond Microsoft's retention periods could fill an interesting gap in the market, she added.