Some interesting announcements in the GRC space this week, among them the release of e-Discovery services onto AWS by X1 Discovery, Symantec releases its annual disaster preparedness report, Agilance upgrades its Federal offering with FedRAMP Content Pack and Logic Buys Quantum.

e-Discovery Available on AWS

How about e-Discovery on Amazon Web Services (AWS)? Well, X1 Discovery thinks so and has announced the availability of X1 Rapid Discovery through AWS.

X1 Discovery says it is the first enterprise e-Discovery company to fully use the cloud architecture of AWS by  being able to install and operate in an AWS customer's IaaS cloud environment.

An X1 Rapid Discovery Amazon Machine Image (AMI) is now available in the AWS directory, providing for the automated and expedient installation of X1 Rapid Discovery into the AWS cloud.

As a result, AWS clients can now perform powerful on-demand search and e-Discovery of their data within their AWS environments worldwide without first exporting their data out of the cloud.

Additionally, e-Discovery professionals can now conduct early case assessment (ECA) and first pass review in their own instance of the AWS cloud, as opposed to transferring their client's data to a vendor's dedicated SaaS installation for cloud-based e-Discovery.

X1 Rapid Discovery is a hardware-independent software solution that installs and operates on demand where data currently resides.

Symantec’s 2012 Disaster Preparedness Report

Sticking with the cloud, Symantec has released the findings of its 2012 SMB Disaster Preparedness Survey, which shows that disaster preparedness in the SMB space is linked to what degree SMBs adopt technologies such as virtualization, cloud computing and mobility. Highlights of the survey show that:

  • Virtualization, cloud and mobility is gaining SMB traction with 34% either currently deploying or already using server virtualization. More popular still is cloud computing, with 40% deploying public clouds and a similar number (43%) implementing private clouds.
  • The effect of disaster preparedness is top of mind for SMBs, with 37% reporting that disaster preparedness influenced their decision, similar to the 34% who said it affected their commitment to public cloud adoption and server virtualization.
  • Early adopters are enjoying better disaster preparedness with 71% reporting that their disaster preparedness improved with virtualization. In the case of private and public cloud they also saw improvement, according to 43% and 41%, respectively..

Agilance Releases FedRAMP Content Pack

Also this week, GRC vendor Agiliance has announced the release of the Agiliance Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) Content Pack.

FedRAMP, developed by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), and the GSA among other, provides a standardized approach to security assessment, authorization and continuous monitoring for cloud products and services.

For its part, the Agiliance FedRAMP Content Pack encompasses the security controls that commercial and government CSPs must implement within a cloud computing environment to satisfy FedRAMP requirements.

It includes 168 security controls and will be supplemented with the System Security Plan (SSP), Security Assessment Plan (SAP) and Security Assessment Report prior to the Initial Operating Capability of FedRAMP. It can be deployed as a cloud service or on premise.

Logic Acquires Quantum

Finally this week, Logic Solutions has acquired Quantum Compliance Systems, with which Logic served as a technology partner for more than a decade.

Quantum Compliance, as the company will now be called, develops software that embeds sustainable Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) practices into a company's daily operations. Their tools collect and analyze procedural and business systems data to generate practical, easy-to-understand EHS performance reports.

Designed to adapt to changing regulatory environment and evolving business and technology practices, Quantum Compliance's software solutions ensures that EHS records and filings are consistent with other compliance and audit reports issued by the company.

These tools are applicable to a wide range of business and industries, ranging from firms that operate small manufacturing shops to multinational conglomerates.

In addition to its own company rebranding, Quantum Compliance will introduce a redesigned web-based version of its software, beginning with the release of the Task Management platform. Financial terms of the deal were not released.