IBM Adds Analytics to Business Processes, Applications; Focuses on Agile Enterprises
With all the money IBM has spent over the past three years on analytics, it’s hardly surprising that it is trying to get as many new releases out onto the market as possible. Over the week, it has added to what it already has in the analytics space by upgrading and releasing products aimed at improving business process and developing smarter applications.

Looking at the "new" releases, there are a lot of products that will be familiar to anyone working with, or using IBM software, but with these releases IBM has added analytics into the mix to make existing software more efficient.

And ultimately, this is what analytics is all about -- getting a clearer overview of what’s going on in an enterprise with a view to making it all better than before.

So every software company is trying to do that with their products, but apart from vague promises of better performance, we never really get to know what performance enhancements could save.

Obviously, this is a matter for individual companies, but citing a recent Tech CEO Council Report from this year, IBM says that across Fortune 500 companies alone, US$ 480 billion is wasted every year on inefficient business processes.

A lot of money and a lot of market potential there and with the release of this group of analytics-enhanced software, IBM is clearly aiming to place itself in the pole position to make the best of that market.

So what are these new releases about? According to Big Blue, the new releases provide greater visibility and integration between the applications that run on an IT infrastructure and key business processes.

Using analytics, enterprises will be able to make decisions about processes and automation based on in-depth views of what’s happening in their enterprise, something that for many is still a problem.

The software enhances business decision management, predictive business service management and integration.

Predictive analytics can tame IT infrastructure in much the same way it's taming big data…This new software adds intelligence to IT and business processes by basically creating a road map showing the fastest connection between a business and its IT infrastructure,” Robert LeBlanc, IBM middleware VP, said.

Predictive Analytics, Business Processes

For business processes, IBM has released:

  • Decision Management: automated business decision making
  • IBM WebSphere Operational Decision Management: enables business users to accurately detect and react in real-time situations.
  • Predictive Business Service Management: reduces service disruptions and prevents impending issues before they become a problem in the IT and network infrastructure
  • IBM Tivoli Analytics for Service Performance: along with a new version of Tivoli Business Service Management, it is only being previewed now
  • WebSphere Message Broker and WebSphere MQ: enhanced versions of both allows users to more effectively integrate and disseminate secure information

Application Development

The other set of releases are designed to improve application development and to make multi-platform application delivery more efficient and cheaper. These include:

  • Collaborative Development and Operations: accelerates software delivery and reduces down time by automating application deployment; the new offering also streamlines development and operations that are often the bottleneck to customer delivery
  • IBM Rational Developer Family: new automated quality reporting tools enables developers to detect problems earlier

There are a number of other offerings here, all of which IBM is marketing heavily under the banner of business agility. We have seen in the past that enterprises are looking for agile software and IBM is responding to this using analytics.

There are also a lot more products here that will fall under the announcement IBM has made, and if you’re interested in more, check out the video.