Big Blue may have changed leadership, but its strategy doesn’t appear to be changing at all, except for a more targeted focus on cloud technologies and acquisitions that give IBM what it doesn’t have already. It announced it has closed the acquisition of Platform Computing, a Toronto-based cloud management software provider.

IBM did not disclose the price for this company, which, as with other acquisitions for which it doesn’t release financial details, indicates that it was a relatively small sum -- after all, when it comes to splashing out, IBM likes to let everyone know.

IBM, Cloud Computing

There are two things about this acquisition that are worth noting. The first is that it was announced originally in October when everyone was looking at its other acquisitions, particularly those in the Big Data space.

The second thing is that, with only two weeks gone in the year, IBM has already announced two cloud buys; the first was UK-based Green Hat, which provides cloud testing, and, of course, there’s this week’s buy, in the shape of Platform Computing.

Again, this purchase is quite specific and provides another piece to a growing arsenal of cloud computing weaponry, carving a slice of a market that looks like it will be inexhaustible in the coming years.

Platform Computing provides software for grid, cloud management and distributed computing environments -- you can see a role for it in Big Data here -- which enables users to create, integrate and manage those environments.

As an added sweetener, Platform Computing has 23 of the top 30 global companies as its clients, covering everything from government to media to oil to education -- everywhere, in fact, that there are a few bucks to be made.

The other thing that needs to be noted is the fact that it was announced in October, just before the appointment of Rometty as CEO.

IBM’s Cloud Strategy

It would seem to imply, therefore, that Rometty picked up on an established pattern in IBM and with the acquisition of Green Hat just continued that. And we all know how much investors and markets like continuity.

Not that too much should be read into this; IBM is a major technology player, cloud computing is a major technology, so it is logical that Big Blue should pursue this without interruption.

According to IBM itself, the acquisition fits in nicely with its Smarter Planet technology too, and the associated problems of analyzing and managing Big Data.

The acquisition of Platform Computing will help accelerate IBM’s growth in smarter computing -- a key initiative in IBM’s Smarter Planet strategy -- by extending the reach of our HPC offerings into the high growth segment of technical computing,” said Helene Armitage, general manager, IBM Systems Software.

IBM intends to support Platform Computing’s software on heterogeneous systems and continue to work with many of Platform Computing’s existing partners. More on IBM’s acquisitions as they occur.