IGLOO Adds Social Analytics Through MicroStrategy Integration

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IGLOO continues to develop its social networking suite and this time it’s with the help of MicroStrategy, which provides business intelligence and which will integrate its reporting and analytics into the suite. With it, users will be able to track participation in activities in social intranets or extranets.

According to IGLOO, the addition of the analytics module offers organizations the ability to identify places were social interactions are most effective, enablingthem to copy that formula and apply it across the organization with a view to improving team collaboration.

IGLOO, MicroStrategy

Everyone knows that analytics works. It provides insights into corners of the enterprise that have not been available before. In fact, this particular tool replaces the annual enterprise opinion survey that tried to gauge what people in the enterprise were thinking.

It did this by asking questions -- and we all know no one ever bends the truth with these kinds of questions, right?

With MicroStrategy, though, companies don’t have to depend on this as the new functionality will drag meaning from the way people are interacting on the enterprise social networks.

Apart from the embarrassment of having to ask people directly what they think about the place they are working and the products they produce, this will provide all the information needed.

Igloo’s social business suite provides a new type of visibility into the collaborative conversations and activities that occur within an organization. For many companies, uncovering this insight is a game-changer…” said Dan Latendre, CEO of IGLOO Software.

IGLOO, Social Collaboration

It may be a game changer for those who have never used one of these tools before, but it is not unique in the market.

However, IGLOO has made this kind of software its business, so it’s pretty good at it by now. It is web-based collaboration solution that enables fluid information sharing between workers.

For its part, MicroStrategy focuses on technologies that capitalize on Big Data, mobile, social and cloud trends. The IGLOO integration, managed by Gensquared, is built on MicroStrategy 9, an integrated BI platform that delivers reports and dashboards to business users via the web and mobile devices.

As a result of the integration, IGLOO will benefit from an administration console that will enable enterprises to manage communities as well as offering them powerful reporting processes.

Learning Opportunities

Indicators will be displayed graphically, including activity contribution types and top content across the social network. Over time, new applications will be developed to apply social analytics and provide:

  • Personalized user experiences that delivers proactive recommendations of relevant people to connect with and content to explore
  • Detailed analytics that gauge employee sentiment and measure the effectiveness of project teams

However, when exactly these abilities will come online IGLOO hasn’t said, but it does work quickly, so users shouldn’t have to wait too long.

IGLOO, MicroStrategy, Gensquared

One final element in the equation that needs to be mentioned is Gensquared.Gensquared is a boutique consulting firm that helps enterprises exploit their data to get the most out of it.

It too offers business intelligence, but also offers data warehouse solutions that enable users to get the most insight possible form their data.

And it is Gensquared that is behind this integration. What exactly Gensquared supplied is not clear, but both MicroStrategy and IGLOO say it played a key role.

Gensquared provides a highly customized integration between the MicroStrategy platform, IGLOO and existing data living outside the IGLOO social business suite, allowing customers to perform powerful analysis right within their intranet or extranet… We are excited to be a part of a solution that brings together both MicroStrategy and IGLOO to deliver on this important customer need,”Patrick Siconolfi, Principal at Gensquared, said of the integration.

Again, not a huge amount of information there. In any case, the first phase of reporting will be made available to all IGLOO customers in the Spring ’12 release. 

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