Imaginatik's Results Engine Cultivates Back End Ideas
With an eye on all phases of the enterprise innovation cycle, Imaginatik has launched Results Engine, a back-end platform that brings ideas into fruition. 

Results Engine: From Seed to Flower

Essentially, the new cloud-based platform allows business leaders to help turn ideas into full-fledged innovation projects via customizable processes. Company leaders can then chart their innovation portfolio across the organization, and tie metrics on business value back to innovation projects and the ideas that created them.

Like many corners of tech, knowledge management has grown with the rise of social media. Hills of data have become mountains of data, and vendors have been answering the need to get through the information faster with various platforms. With Results Engine, Imaginatik hopes to lead what it sees as the next trend: reliably turning those top ideas into actual business value.

“No longer is the back end of innovation an elusive, hard-to-manage hand-off from one department to the next,” explained Luis Solis, president, North America, Imaginatik. “Results Engine integrates the innovation model from front to back, providing that bridge between idea collection, innovation development, and launch.”

A Part of the Platform

By allowing managers to collect their ideas and turn them into projects, Results Engine with hand in hand with Innovation Central, Imaginatik’s enterprise innovation platform. The combination provides transparency into the innovation process by keeping track of all actions performed on those ideas, and increases accountability by providing a measurable system for idea implementation. 

Here's a look at Innovation Central (previously known as Idea Central): 

"Computers without people don’t work. People without computers don’t scale,” said Mark Turrell, former CEO of Imaginatik, at the time of the platform's last major release. “Our customers value Imaginatik for our insights, process knowledge and guidance as well as the technology. Idea Central 10 takes Collective Intelligence to a new level, giving executives the tools they need to tap into employee brainpower and the world at large to deliver tangible business results."

Imaginatik will officially unveil Results Engine at the Back End of Innovation conference in San Diego this month, and release it to the the general public Tuesday, Nov. 1.