Imation Aquires Nexsan with Hopes to Improve Storage, Security Solutions

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Storage solution company Nexsan has been acquired by the Imation Corporation, a storage and data security company with the goal of improving Imation's operating margins for data storage and security solutions.

The History Behind Nexsan and Imation

Founded in 1999, over the last 14 years Nexsan has been helping customers keep their information safe with a variety of storage solutions, ranging from data and hybrid to solid state storage systems. One of its key features is the hybrid storage system where “solid-state technologies,” disk storage and other software is used in conjunction with one anotherto improve system performance, thus allowing companies to improve productivity level in all aspects of the organization.

As a storage and data security company, Imation has been offering data storage solutions in different capacities for over 60 years.In the 1950’s, the organization that would eventually become Imation began as a 3M innovation company that provided businesses with reel-to-reel data storage tape.

Over the years, it has adapted its products and servicesto technological trends. For example, in 2006 it created a Blu-ray high-definition recordable optical media, while in 2011 it acquired data duplication technology, enabling it to, among other things, remove redundant data from computers systems and improve an operating system's recovery time.

Learning Opportunities

Coming Together

With the acquisition of Nexsan, Imation will be able to utilize its previously mentioned solution platforms to improve what the company can offer its consumer base.

The combination of Nexsan’s products, technologies, and talented teams with Imation’s global reach and infrastructure will be an excellent accelerator for our growth strategy in storage solutions,” said Mark Lucas, President and CEO of Imation.

According to a conjoined statement from the two companies, they have noticed that small businesses and distributed enterprises or SME storage companies are having trouble meeting consumer needs, but with this acquisition Nexsan and Imation will be able to combine their services and tools to improve data storage and management issues that these businesses currently face.

According to Nexsan CEO Philip Black, by coming together the two companies will be able to provide SMBs with purpose built storage systems and services-- some of the key tools they currently lack.

Imation’s acquisition of Nexsan is an exciting next step in our strategic transformation, which includes investing in growth platforms in data storage and security solutions, where we are targeting markets with strong growth rates,” said Lucas.