Looking for a powerful engine to drive your information management efforts? Need an additive so you can search, manage and retain sensitive documents, files and emails like a well-oiled machine? Introducing Octane Version 4, Index Engines’ major new release.

Keeping Information Compliant

Octane Version 4 extends the Index Engines’ product line with a new compliance archive and a powerful new graphical user interface (GUI). With a new name, the Index Engines platform gives users the power to automate the execution of corporate policies, find and archive sensitive records from networks, email servers and legacy backup tapes.

Whether it’s a mounting pile of unstructured, unmanaged data, or an existing archive of records, Octane makes it affordable and easy to deploy and administer across a variety of systems. Octane identifies and collects unstructured user files and emails from online networks and servers to offline backup tapes and D2D devices. A flexible, scalable and responsive infrastructure makes it so complex information can be searched and accessed without much effort.

Key Features for Octane v4

Index Engines plans to debut Octane at the upcoming Storage Decisions Show in San Francisco on November 8, 2011. Key features of Octane Version 4 include:

  • Intuitive newly designed GUI to enhance user capabilities and to accelerate the information management process
  • Secure archive repository to ensure legal and compliance standards are met for digital assets while remaining accessible
  • Streamlined features to automate discovery of user data and straightforward policy creation
  • Automated policy collection based on comprehensive metadata and content queries
  • Unified search across all data sources consolidating specialized search results 
  • Graphical format makes asking complex queries simple through use of filters, cull data and view summary data

With the Octane platform, Index Engines aims to give customers a complete solution to simplify the information management and archiving process.