Infosys Leverages Salesforce's Cloud Platform, Offers New Solutions

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Collaboration, analytics and the cloud. What do these three things have in common? They demonstrate Infosys Technologies commitment to providing solutions that have high business value and leverage an environment that is gaining in popularity: Salesforce.com.

With Dreamforce Came Lots of New Solutions

Salesforce.com's annual conference, Dreamforce, may be over for another year, but the solutions that were announced during the event are only starting to gain attention.

Although Salesforce had its own set of announcements this week: Chatter has been set free, Databases in the cloud, it wasn't the only vendor making news.

Infosys Technologies has its own trio of solutions/frameworks to add to the mix. Atul Chandra Pandey, Industry Head of Enterprise Applications and Integration Solutions (EAIS), Infosys Technologies Ltd, took some time to walk us through their latest offerings, all set within the Salesforce cloud.

Collaboration as a Service

The first new solution involves collaboration as a service, focused through Salesforce.com's Chatter. Infosys is building this solution on Force.com, Salesforce's cloud platform. It enables organizations to connect all the various social and collaboration silos such as Salesforce Ideas, Chatter, email, Jigsaw and others and provide a single collaboration solution that integrates with line of business applications.


Collaboration though Chatter

This solution will be available as a prepackaged solution on Force.com or as an extension.

Advanced Analytics for Salesforce Cloud

The second solution takes advanced analytics capabilities and places them in the Saleforce cloud at the SaaS level.

Learning Opportunities


Salesforce Advanced Analytics

This solutions provides a central look at insights coming from across the various business applications within the organizations.

Infosys believes, like many today, that insights are not meant just for the CIO. People at all levels within an organization can benefit from access to analytics and reports, using that information to make better business decisions.

Business Value Framework

The third offering from Infosys at Dreamforce this week wasn't a solution but a business value framework. This framework is a combination of services and solutions from Infosys that help organizations develop customer care solutions.

This includes capabilities that bring together internal operations, external communications (including web presence, issue support, etc..), and marketing insights and customer/partner self service portals.

The Cloud Journey

As more organizations start to consider how they can utilize the cloud, they will be thinking about capabilities such as collaboration and insights, and how they can leverage these across their business systems to provide real business value.

Doing this in a cloud environment should provide significant advantages if done correctly.