Last year Iron Mountain sold off its digital assets to Autonomy. Then Autonomy got gobbled up by HP and we thought that was that. But any fears that Iron Mountain exited the information management space can be put to rest by today’s announcement of its new records management product that works with SharePoint.

RIM 360° Services

While the announcement from Iron Mountain doesn’t say that the new release -- Records and Information Management 360° (RIM 360°) -- is exclusively for SharePoint, it does make a big deal of the place Accutrac 360° for SharePoint plays within the new release.

RIM 360° also offers consulting services where Iron Mountain will assess an enterprise's existing records program, as well as information management services, which covers back-up, recovery, document shredding and destruction.

But whatever other systems it works with, it is clearly targeting the huge number of enterprises that are using SharePoint to manage most of their data, if not actually using it as an Enterprise CMS.

RIM365°, SharePoint

Built into the heart of RIM 360 is Accutrac 360° for SharePoint that manages multiple paper and electronic records inventories, no matter where they are stored.

Accutrac is Iron Mountain’s records management product. Following a partnership agreement signed with information lifecycle vendor Gimmal in 2011, they combined their efforts to provide SharePoint integration.

The integration, Iron Mountain says, extends the records management functionality that already exists in SharePoint to offer consistent management of physical and electronic records as well as abilities around classification of that information for easy access.

This also offers the possibility of dealing with compliance and litigation requests a lot quicker than they have been, which with the size of the SharePoint deployments that exist in some enterprises, is a considerable plus. In this respect some of the principal advantages include:

  • Greater visibility: RIM 360 offers a unified system of record across SharePoint, and as a result all parts of the organization, giving 360 visibilities to all records whether they are physical or electronic.
  • Better reliability: Enables organizations to apply consistent systems of policies and classification across all records in the enterprise.
  • Policy control: Enables organizations to apply retention rules across the entire organization in a consistent manner.
  • Improved control: Policies for how long an organization keeps a record for business and what happens to those records once they have reached the end of their useful life.

With records management still a contentious issue even in SharePoint 2013, anything that can extend its records functionality is going to create a lot of interest. If you interested in more, Iron Mountain is taking RIM 360° to ARMA in Chicago next week, if not, watch this space for more as it emerges.