Jaspersoft Forms Hadoop Partner Ecosystem, Including IBM, Cloudera & Talend

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Jaspersoft Forms Hadoop Partner Ecosystem
Business intelligence (BI) tool and services provider Jaspersoft iscontinuing to show its commitment to supporting non-traditional data sourcesfor analytics. The company has announced its new Hadoop Partner Ecosystem, andit includes a few big names for the continuously expanding Hadoop market.

Jaspersoft and Hadoop

Jaspersoft added connectivity to Hadoop and several other big data platforms at the beginning of 2011. That’s less than two years ago, but it was long before many major analytics vendors had even begun working on the integration. The company has continued to enhance its platform with new features that make it easier to for developers and users to incorporate Hadoop and other non-SQL based information sources.

Now Jaspersoft has announced its new Hadoop-focused partner community. The new group includes IBM (which continues the Hadoop efforts the pair announced in October 2011), Cloudera and Hortonworks. Jaspersoft already listed the three companies as technology partners, but the new relationship status indicates Jaspersoft’s BI suite will feature a much tighter integration with the IBM, Hortonworks and Cloudera Hadoop distributions. Jaspersoft will also integrate with Informatica’s HParser, and Talend’s Open Studio for Big Data.

Learning Opportunities

What This Means

Most BI analytics vendors, like Jaspersoft, are rushing to incorporate big data support. However, it is unclear if most businesses are really embracing Hadoop at the pace that the market suggests. Hadoop has a steep learning curve, and even commercial distributions require a bit of ramp-up time. Data volumes are growing, but many companies haven’t even come close to exploiting what their traditional BI tools can do. Those with the technical acumen may still lack the analytical expertise required to ask the right questions.

Jaspersoft’s efforts to make Hadoop just another data source are commendable. Businesses should be viewing their data holistically, and Jaspersoft is building tools to make that possible. However, those tools may get a little dusty waiting for most of Jaspersoft’s customers to use them.