Jaspersoft is On the Move With BI Suite 4.2: It's Touching
Open-source business intelligence (BI) provider, Jaspersoft, is on the move and it’s touching. The company announced the release of the latest version of its BI Suite, and the focus is all about mobile and touch-centric environments.

Why Mobile

Enterprise consumerization and rapid proliferation of smartphones and tablets have converged to make mobile support an increasingly important priority in many organizations. Staff accustomed to having answers to almost any question in the palm of their hands, faster-moving business environments and a more distributed workforce need access to analytical information for decision making wherever they are -- not just when they get back to their desk.

Smart vendors are moving rapidly to ensure they can meet these needs, and Jaspersoft is apparently smart.

What’s In Jaspersoft 4.2

The latest release of Jaspersoft Business Intelligence Suite, version 4.2, introduces a mobile BI software development kit (SDK), which allows developers to build native mobile BI applications or embed BI into iOS, the Apple operating system. This approach allows organizations the flexibility to implement their solution in the manner that best fits their needs.

The BI SDK includes a number of features:

  • REST-based APIs for ease of integration
  • Objective-C SDK, which makes it easier for iOS developers to create software
  • Sample native applications

Although native applications are known for more responsive performance, some organizations prefer not to make the investment in creating native applications for a variety of reasons. Luckily, Jaspersoft has also added a ready-to-deploy browser-based BI solution for iPad.

The new browser-based mobile BI environment allows iPad users to view, manage and build reports from the mobile device with support for touch-based interaction. The solution also features filtering and ad hoc reporting that allows users to visualize data using several chart types that were not included in the initial report.

Additional details regarding Jaspersoft Business Intelligence Suite 4.2 are available. Jaspersoft is also offering a webinar to provide more information on the new mobile BI features. Or, if you prefer, skip the documentation and just install the darn thing.