Speed is everything. Well, maybe not everything, but it’s definitely important in today’s business environment. Speed is exactly what open source business intelligence provider Jaspersoft is delivering via its new native Apache Hadoop connectors courtesy of Talend.

Big Data, Fast

Jaspersoft has had a long partnership with open source data management and application integration provider Talend. Therefore, it’s not too surprising that Jaspersoft elected to leverage Talend to provide a new native connector to big data superstar Apache Hadoop in Jaspersoft ETL. The new connector allows users to leverage Hadoop in direct reporting, real-time analysis and batch analysis.

Big data is a hot topic of discussion, and you can’t discuss it for long without someone mentioning Hadoop. Although Hadoop has transformed how organizations can work with their massive data stores, it’s not exactly known for being a speed demon. Jaspersoft’s enhanced ETL offerings reduces the time it takes for users to connect to big data environments so that they can get answers faster. Using the new Talend connector, users can:

  • Use big data directly in reports and dashboards or explore it for analysis purposes without converting it to a relational format
  • Natively access analytic databases, NoSQL data stores and Hadoop Hive and HBase
  • Create batch and real time reports using big data
  • Perform advanced ETL functions on big data sources.

The new feature is available as a part of Jaspersoft BI Suite 4.5, which is the current version.

What This Means

Jaspersoft is just the latest business intelligence vendor jumping on the big data bandwagon. Large software vendors like IBM, Oracle and Microsoft are also incorporating the technology into their platforms. As big data capabilities become more common, vendors will no longer be able to differentiate themselves by just supporting Hadoop. It will soon be the equivalent of a data vendor saying, “We support SQL.”

Have your data management and analysis vendors added support for Hadoop or other big data tools? Are you using them? Are the features important in your new product acquisition decisions? We’d love to hear your thoughts.