Open source portal provider Liferay has released a newversion of its enterprise portal, Liferay Portal 6.1 Enterprise Edition (EE).The latest release features several usability enhancements and multiple improvementsto empower end users to create content and automate process without engaging adeveloper.

What’s New in Liferay Portal Version 6.1

Liferay released version 6.1 of its Community Edition in early January. Now, little over a month later, Liferay is releasing the Enterprise Edition. The release fixes several defects and introduces some impressive new features that make using the portal more efficient. Many of the new features are targeted at non-technical end users. These users can now create workflows, forms and custom data lists to support their business processes without involving a developer. 

The platform also includes several improvements that make it easier for users to collaboratively edit content and personalize their portal experience such as:

  • User Customizable Sites: Administrators can now designate certain pages and sections of a page to be personalized by users.
  • Multiple Website Versions: Multiple site versions can be edited simultaneously and scheduled for publication.
  • Affiliated Sites Management: Liferay pages and websites maintain links to their original site templates, making it easier to propagate changes to associated sites and pages.  

The latest release also introduces drag and drop document and media libraries and file previews that allow user to preview content before downloading it.

document and media library.png

Learning Opportunities

Liferay also added lots of integrations with the latest release. The portal now integrates with the company’s recently introduced app store, Liferay Marketplace, and their new file synchronization offering, Liferay Sync. Liferay also includes several third-party integrations: Liferay Portal EE 6.1 integrates with Documentum, SharePoint and other CMIS compliant repositories. This allows users to leverage a single interface for accessing documents spread across CMS platforms.

Beyond the user focused enhancements, Liferay Portal EE 6.1 has updated administration features like detailed auditing and portal usage reporting. The company has also made several performance improvements in the platform.

Getting Additional Details

If you would like additional detail on the release, Liferay has updated the portal documentation for version 6.1. For a more hands on approach, you can download a free trial. Have you evaluated Liferay’s latest release? We would love to hear your thoughts.