With all the problems associated with keeping track of information, particularly now with the multiplication of SharePoint deployments, archiving tools are always welcome -- particularly if they work. Metalogix (news, site) has done a good line on this over the years, and today has announced the release of Archive Manager 5.0 that focuses on Exchange, SharePoint and files.

For Metalogix to claim that it is doing it for SharePoint 2010 is really old rope, given that it has been working with SharePoint 2010 since even before it came out, so it doesn’t claim that. What it does claim is that this release adds new mobile functionality, better live email search, as well as more collaboration abilities.

Mobility and Data Access

According to CEO Stephen Murphy, they have approached the new functionality with two major industry trends in mind: data access from anywhere, and better email functionality.

On the mobile front, he says, they have improved the design of the browser-based interface to make it easier to access from mobile devices

For email, Archive Manger 5.0 has live email search, expanding its abilities to find and document all content in response to corporate demands like e-Discovery, or compliance requests. Live email search, or search of emails that are still ‘live’ will be particularly useful here, as we all know just how much information can be tucked away in individual users ‘enterprise accounts.

Metalogix archive platform 5.0.jpg

Metalogix Archive Platform

Archive Manager 5.0

Key among the new features are:

  • Enhanced Mobile Device Support: Enables access to all emails and archived data from just about any mobile platform you can think of, extending unified search abilities to include all archived data in email, SharePoint and other files.
  • Live Email Data Search: Extends email search to include emails in the primary store in addition to those that have already been archived. It also expands the number of users that can perform advanced contend search.
  • Outlook 2011 Support: Mac users can now use Outlook 2011 clients with the full benefits of transparent archiving and access to email and email attachments.
  • Embedded Attachments: Single Instance Storage feature has been enhanced to eliminate a data redundancy, reducing the storage requirement for attachments by as much as 85%.

Metalogix Archive Manger 5.0 is available in the US and starts at around US$ 1,895. The additions here are small, but significant ones, particularly for enterprises that are worried about content that has been squirreled away in users email accounts.