Metalogix Release Migrates Exchange Public Folders to SharePoint
If you thought all the SharePoint 2010 migration options had been exhausted at this point, think again. It has just found something else to migrate into SharePoint, this time in the shape of the migration of Exchange public folders.

The new release -- appropriately called Metalogix Migration Manager for SharePoint, Public Folders Edition -- enables enterprises to migrate the content of its Exchange public folders into SharePoint lickety-split and accurately.

According to Metalogix, this surpasses by far the out-of-the-box features offered by unnamed competitors and includes the migration of just about anything email for those using Exchange.

Running Hybrid SharePoint Environments

This includes migrating individual emails and documents to shifting entire public folders into SharePoint without having to install software on the Exchange server.

One of the advantages of using the migrator is that it enables enterprises to run hybrid SharePoint environments easily and smoothly.

What that means is that with support for Office 365, enterprises will be able to create SharePoint environments in the cloud and transfer content between their on-premises edition and the one in the cloud.

Useful, to say the least, especially when there is considerable anecdotal evidence to suggest that many companies, still wary of the cloud, are using hybrid environments to make the first move, before going the full hog.

Migrating Exchange Folders

For the migration process itself, it comes with Powershell support as well as multi-selection capabilities for administrators to analyze and select which content to migrate into SharePoint.

It also provides mapping abilities between Exchange Public Folder data types and views and SharePoint sites, lists libraries and metadata columns.

It does this by providing users with the ability to customize column captions and names, automate mapping using .CSV files, map all users and permissions information and choose target site templates.

This is the second release in the past month alone that aims to speed up the migration process into SharePoint 2010. In December, Metalogix announced the release of Migration Manager for SharePoint 5.0, which also increased the speed of SharePoint migrations by moving more than 500GB of full-fidelity content per day.

There are undoubtedly more types of content out there that could do with speedy migration into SharePoint, and which we’re sure Metalogix will get around to dealing with in the future.