Information Management, SharePoint, Metalogix StoragePoint v4.2 with Automated Storage
Since Metalogix bought StoragePoint in 2010, it has been adding new capabilities on a regular basis. Today’s release of v4.2 continues that process by adding automated backup as well as the ability to restore all content that may be lost during content migration to storage points outside the SharePoint environment.

Storing Content in SharePoint

Microsoft estimates 78% of Fortune500 companies currently use SharePoint. This, coupled with an ever increasing compliance burden and the consequent need to store more and more information, makes the temptation to store content in SharePoint compelling.

However, the cost of storage is also increasing, so keeping content that is not used in business processes on a daily basis doesn’t make financial sense. The result -- many companies are looking to offload content to cheaper storage locations.

Metalogix estimates that the amount of information managed in SharePoint deployments now averages about 1 terabyte of content, and doubles every year. The result? Growing pressure to develop storage strategies that take unused, but necessary content, out of these environments.

StoragePoint v4.2

This is where StoragePoint4.2 comes into play. With it, Metalogix offers the ability to take BLOBs (Binary Large Objects), which can include diverse files su as Office documents or rich media files, and move them from SQL Server to cheaper and more appropriate storage areas. It also provides SharePoint backup and recovery directly from the same interface.


Metalogix BLOBulator

While it is impossible to say for sure how much content can be taken out of SharePoint by doing this, Metalogix says that it can reduce the amount of content in databases by up to 95% (StoragePoint also provides a calculator to estimate this called the BLOBulator).

The result is that the time it takes to back-up 1 terabyte of information using StoragePoint v4.2 will drop from around 8 hours to matter of minutes, as well as offering recovery capabilities for any lost, deleted or corrupted content. If you use SharePoint, the addition of automatic backup of content during content migration could prove invaluable.

With this release, Metalogix has also introduced a new free version of the StoragePoint called StoragePoint Express which offers organizations all these capabilities up to 200GB of content. StoragePoing v4.2 works with all versions of SharePoint.