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Very soon, your organization is going to be moving a large amount of content to the cloud, for financial reasons if nothing else. That can be especially tricky when the content involves email, which brings its own set of headaches.

Metalogix says it can ease your pain with its recently released Email Migrator 3.0, which enables organizations migrate mailboxes to another Exchange server or Office 365.

Email Migration

With Migrator 3.0, Metalogix says it provides organizations with full email compliance for those moving emails from on-premises to the cloud. It also offers complete transparency of the migration processes to the end-user.

If this sounds straight forward, it's really not. Not only are organizations likely to be moving from Exchange servers to the cloud, but it's possible that they will be migrating from two, or even more, email platforms.

The whole process can turn into a data mismanagement mess with severe financial implications for organizations that have not planned and executed the migration correctly.

Beyond the obvious business benefits of a safe, email migration tool, there are other considerations, including the fact that the vast majority of companies start their cloud migration processes by moving their email to the cloud, particularly to hosted Exchange environments.

To do this, many companies have been forced to use multiple products to migrate both live and archived email content into that single platform while simultaneously ensuring the security and chain-of-custody of those emails.

Metalogix says this update to Migrator has been built from the ground up to deal with these kinds of issues and that it can move both archived and live emails from multiple sources to multiple targets including:

  • Microsoft Exchange Server
  • Metalogix Archive Manager
  • EMC EmailXtender
  • GFI MailArchiver
  • Mimosa NearPoint

It also supports migrations from Symantec Enterprise Vault to Microsoft Exchange Server, Office 365, Hosted Exchange or Metalogix Archive Manager.

Email Migrator 3.0

Migrator 3.0 does this by providing a whole bunch of tools in the same application, including high-speed mailbox copy, public folder migration, incremental migration, and the migration of email archives.

Metalogix Email Migrator 3.0 sources and targets.jpg

Metalogix Email Migrator 3.0 sources and targets

There are clearly many different situations were this kind of application is going to be useful, but given the growing footprint of Office 365, it is probably the ability to move emails into Office 365 that will be the real selling point.

Like all of our tools, Email Migrator does real work. It’s not just a gimmick on a smart phone to play in the cloud, it really speeds up our customer’s email cloud migration and consolidation. Whether making a comprehensive move to Office 365 or any other cloud, or implementing a hybrid-cloud solution, Metalogix has the tools…,” Metalogix CEO Steven Murphy said in a statement.

One final point worth noting here is that like all its migration products, Metalogix has made this completely scalable, as well as flexible enough to ease the migration of content from on-premises environments to cloud environments and vice versa. It also provides support for those using hybrid environments.

Email Migrator 3.0 is built on Metalogix Content Matrix which has migrated over 50,000 terabytes of content across on-premises and cloud environments over the past 10 years, the company said.

The statement also said that Metalogix  will be releasing enhancements to Migrator every three months from here on in, so expect more soon as it adds more sources and targets, as well as the features needed to enable new migration capabilities.