Metalogix Wants to Take a Bite Out of Data Loss

Metalogix announced today that it's putting its new personal information watchdog into technical preview. It's called Sensitive Content Manager (SCM) — and Metalogix promises it will help users raise hell with anyone who abuses your personal information.

It's offered as a standalone product that can be used with competitors products, but it also comes with ControlPoint 6.0, which manages SharePoint governance, permissions, auditing and reporting for SharePoint administration.

Sensitive Content Manager

The content in question is personally identifiable information (PII),which is broadly defined as any information that can be used to distinguish one person from another. To learn more, we talked with out a Metalogix CEO Steven Murphy, who is at Microsoft's Ignite conference in Chicago this week to promote the new release.

SCM is the main upgrade in the new ControlPoint release and the one that is most likely to bring people into the Metalogix universe, he said.

ContolPoint was one of the elements that Metalogix bought when it took over Axceler’s SharePoint business in 2013. It has been building and developing it ever since. SCM is a major addition to the product's compliance and governance offerings.

Murphy said Metalogix wanted to provide customers with something that could do more than "scan and detect possible content issues." He explained:

It had to be something that could build the knowledgebase around the content, that could improve the filtering and classification, and could automate the application and permissions around the content.

SCM is an automated compliance lifecycle engine powered by machine learning, he added.

The machine learning is what could set this product apart from competitors. SCM learns about the content in your repository, learns about how it is used, understands what information is sensitive and locks all the information down, Murphy said. It also identifies inappropriate use of that content whether it is malicious or accidental, which sidesteps the need to build compliance and governance structures.

Content Security And Breaches

Murphy cited the findings of the recent IBM X-Force Threat Intelligence Report, which found that in the past year alone one billion PII related records were breached, an increase of more than 25 percent compared to 2013.

It seems though, that concerns about content security in light of the amount of intent that now resides in enterprise silos is starting to give some enterprise managers night sweats. "When I go to customers and ask them ‘What’s keeping you up at night’ this has moved into the Top 3 in the index of things to worry about," he said.

Just think about the slew of high profile data breeches in recent months, starting with Target and moving forward. "These kinds of attacks are brand effecting and that’s why enterprises are worried,” Murphy said.

SCM specifically targets organizations that are considering a move to the cloud. Where files or content are moving about, the risk of leaks grows proportionally.

Service Manager Office For 365

Metalogix also announced the release of Service Manager for Office, a user-focused operations service management solution that offers security for the Office 365 suite.

Murphy called it the first offering to provide a unified means of understanding of user and content management through the entire lifecycle, from a single pane interface that replaces the requirement to control multiple disjointed administration interfaces.

It offers companies a more efficient use of both cloud resources and human resources as well as secure business, client and employee mission critical content and all from a tablet screen, he claimed.

Both Sensitive Content Management along with ControlPoint Technical Preview, and the Service Manager Office For 365 are available as of today.

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