MetaVis Offers SharePoint Governance With Advanced Content Crawling

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The 2012 SharePoint conference starts next Monday, and with a week yet to go vendors are already lining up with this year’s announcements. MetaVis, which specializes in SharePoint information management and governance, has announced that it will be previewing Informant for SharePoint.

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Informant is a governance and compliance tool for SharePoint that takes into account not just the explosion in data across the enterprise, but all the ways that information is making its way into the enterprise, particularly through file shares.

File shares have multiplied the amount of content coming into the enterprise to levels never seen before, and while that on its own is difficult to manage, the potential for information to move in the opposite direction and out of the enterprise is a security and compliance nightmare.

Here MetaVis cites SkyDrive, Dropbox, Google Docs, Amazon S3, Outlook e-mail and legacy file shares as the main culprits, but there are many more applications, and many more ways that content can leave the enterprise.

The only way to regulate that effectively is by regulating andmonitoring the content, which is what Informant is designed to do.

MetaVis Informant Architecture.jpg

MetaVis Informant architecture

Informant offers an easy way for enterprises to crawl, analyze and report on issues around content to ensure that it is located where it should be, and that it is not leaving the enterprise uncontrolled.

Learning Opportunities

SharePoint Data Governance

According to Peter Senescu, President and Co-founder of MetaVis Technologies:

The increased use of SharePoint, file systems and cloud-based file systems have left many companies asking what information sits across these unstructured data silos “Organizations need tools that will allow them to crawl, analyze and enforce governance policies for their unstructured data – no matter where it resides…”

MetaVis Informant Resources.jpg

MetaVis Informant resource selection

With MetaVis Informant companies will be able to:

  • Identify Sensitive Information: Identify sensitive information across multiple sources using advance crawling and advanced analytics.
  • Content reporting:Develop detailed analysis of all enterprise content as well as identifying content that falls outside current policies.
  • Automation: Enforce compliance standards in SharePoint, Office 365 and other file systems.
  • Advanced Security: Apply desired permissions or lock-down objects like libraries, folders and lists.
  • Take Action: Auto tag, archive, backup and set field values based on analysis and compliance policy reports.

The public beta of Informant, which is available for download now, supports not just SharePoint 2013, but also previous versions of SharePoint as well as Office 365, Dropbox and file systems. Support for Google Drive, Amazon S3 and Outlook e-mail is coming soon.