Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2 Includes Regulations for Different Countries, Regions

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Microsoft has launched its Dynamics AX 2012 R2 system for integrating business systems in the manufacturing, retail, distribution, service and public sector industries.

Microsoft Dynamics Goes International

One of the biggest problems international businesses face is the lack of language support, but nearly as important is knowledge of local business regulatory requirements. It's a hassle to deal with so many rules in so many different places, and so Microsoft has included some of those regulations for nearly 20 different countries and regions around the world.

Microsoft customers can keep customer, supplier and product data in one place with the Dynamics ERP system, and the updated version should help simplify the standardization of those systems across regions. That's quite a bit to pack into one system, but the speed at which international business is changing, it was likely a needed addition.

Dynamics AX 2012 R2 includes new features like the ability to withhold tax in Brazil, import zip/postal codes in China or do a fixed asset transfer in India, for example. 

Developers who are looking to build new business applications within Dynamics have new tools in the partitioning, portal and standard document services feature areas among others. Updates to the standard document services tools include the ability to import earnings statements from external systems, for example.

Additionally, there is a new Office Add-ins API that allows for extra flexibility to programmatically customize a spreadsheet or a document file that includes Microsoft Dynamics AX data.

Emerging Markets the Focus

Many enterprises are focusing their business on places like Brazil, India and China, the so called emerging markets. The economies of those countries are still rapidly industrializing, and so new business processes need to be introduced at an expanding pace. It is this very problem that Dynamics AX seeks to help solve. 

Learning Opportunities

Companies that can set up new ERP systems in multiple countries at once may have an advantage over other companies who are struggling with linking business apps in those new and unfamiliar environments. When customers go to a company's website, they likely see a single, unified company, and it makes sense for those companies to do the same on the back end. 

Dynamics AX 2012 R2 is generally available in 36 countries this week. Microsoft has not announced any updates to Dynamics CRM online including when and if the system will ever be compatible with the iPad or Android mobile devices. 

Dynamics GP 2013 + Dynamics CRM

Both of these products will be updated starting in mid December, with a Dec. 19 date given for the Dynamics GP 2013 update. It introduces a new Web client and rich interoperability with other Microsoft technologies such as Office 365, among other things. 

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM December 2012 service update includes deeper connections with Yammer, Skype and Office 2013, as well as across browser support.