NewsGator Partners with StoredIQ for Collaboration, Compliance

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Over the past years, many companies have joined forces with StoredIQ to build a successful business around the information management solution provider’s technologies and distribution channels. Recently, StoredIQ added NewsGator to their partner list. By doing so, NewsGator Social Sites 2010 customers will be able to manage their social data’s risks in an efficient and cost-effective way.

Partners with Benefits

By leveraging StoredIQ’s ability to provide visibility, control, identification and analysis of unstructured social data across a broad range of data sources, NewsGator is able to gain valuable in-depth context indexing by over 100 attributes of 400 file types across the SharePoint/Social Sites platform, including NewsGator Activity Streams, Communities, Microblogging, Questions & Answers, Social Profiles, Idea Stream and Spotlight.

Learning Opportunities

Attain Social Data Compliance

Why is this helpful? As companies develop strategies to better manage the growing number of legal, records management and compliance issues associated with social business, it’s not always easy to figure out how to keep in compliance of regulatory standards. NewsGator’s partnership with StoredIQ ensures that collaboration can continue to thrive, while enterprise security interests are proactively protected. 

As enterprise knowledge grows in size and complexity, organizations requiresmarter solutions for identifying risk and governing information, especially when it comes to social business content. By partnering with StoredIQ, NewsGator and its customers can confidently confront this growing challenge so that companies can adhere to policies, regulations and litigation demands while collaborating effectively.