Nimbula (news, site) announced a new version, Nimbula Director 1.5, its cloud operating system (OS) used for creating private, hybrid and public clouds.

The Universal Cloud

If you aren’t familiar with Nimbula, you might be hearing about them soon. The company was founded by the developers that created the popular Amazon EC2 and has been named one of the most promising start-ups by the Wall Street Journal.

Nimbula’s cloud OS is used to reduce the technical complexity of creating a private or public cloud. The latest version makes it possible to support a geographically distributed cloud from a single interface. Users get the convenience of being able to access any cloud resource anywhere in world and make deployments.

Nimbula gets the distinction of being one of the first vendors to provide the functionality necessary to run geographically distribute clouds. Why is geographic distribution important? It helps avoid cloud outages similar to the one Amazon experienced due to an outage at one of its data centers.

In addition to making the cloud truly “everywhere”, the newest version also supports:

  • Policy based automation for storage and computing resources. This makes it easier for administrators to govern permissions and tiers of service for specific users.
  • Enhanced storage management that provides high levels of quality service and self-service features similar to Amazon’s Elastic Block Storage.
  • Zero touch installs of customized operating system packages created by administrators. The packages can include the administrators choice of operating system, drivers and management software.

Check it Out at VMWorld

Nimbula will present the latest release of the software at the upcoming VMWorld, which will be held August 29th in Las Vegas. However, the product will not be generally available until September. Existing customers will receive the update for free.

In addition, new users with less than 40 cores in their cloud can use Nimbula Director for free, but must purchase support. Customers with over 40 cores must purchase an annual subscription. The annual subscription includes maintenance and support.

Additional details regarding Nimbula Director 1.5 are available at on the Nimbula website.